Artiste impression of the maintenance depot at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.
Artiste impression of the tramway T5 stations and platforms.
Translohr STE3 model that runs on T5.

The T5 tramline operates in the northern suburbs of Paris, France, between Marché station in Saint-Denis (93) and Garges Sarcelles (95) located in the regional councils of Val d’Oise and Seine-St-Denis respectively.

Built at an estimated cost of €163.13m, the T5 is owned and funded by the Syndicat des Transports (Stif, 71.5%), the transport authority of IIe-de-France, the State Region of France (17.2%), the regional council of Val d’Oise (10%) and transit operator Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP, 1.3%). RATP is the operator and invested €52m on the rolling stock.

Pre-construction works commenced in 2008 and the tramway was opened in July 2013.

"The T5 is owned and funded by the Syndicat des Transports."


The T5 aims to provide better transportation services to the growing population of the two neighborhoods of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine and Lochères in Sarcelles. It is the first tyre-based tramway in the Île-de-France region and serves more than 86,000 local residents and workers.

It serves the five communities of Saint-Denis, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Sarcelles, Garges-les-Gonesse and Montmagny. It has interchanges at St.Denis Market on the T1 line, Saint-Denis Basilica on Metro line 13 and at Garges-Sarcelles on Réseau Express Régional (RER) Line D.

Planning and surveying were carried out in between 1999-2004 and the project was publicly announced in February 2005.
Stif approved the preliminary draft in November 2006. Financial agreement was signed between the owners in the second quarter of 2007.

RATP was the prime contractor for the construction of stations, platforms and a maintenance depot for the T5. Stif was the project monitor and coordinator.

The regional councils of Val d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis are in charge of the road development and associated public spaces. Their scope of work includes creation of space for roads, sidewalks, parking lots, landscapes, bike lanes and upgrading the intersections and cross walks.


The T5 tramway has 16 stations on the route between Marché station in Saint-Denis (93) and Garges Sarcelles (95). Platforms and stations are situated in the centre of the road.

The stations are constructed of stainless steel and painted metal and have transparent glass walls to get an instant recognition of areas dedicated to tram.

Lighting is integrated into the canopy of each station. Wooden furniture on the station platforms was supplied by Wilmotte & Associates.

Solar roof panels were installed on the new storage and maintenance sidings. There are new benches, lampposts, litter bins and new street lighting that consume less energy.

"The T5 uses Translohr STE3 trams."

A 13,000m² depot is constructed at the site for fleet maintenance. Raised crosswalks and junctions for the pedestrians are created to provide road safety.

Rolling stock

The T5 will use Translohr STE3 trams. A contract for 15 trams was awarded to Lohr Industries in 2007. The Translohr STE3 is a three car tram set that runs on tires. It is 25m-long with a capacity for 127 passengers.

With an axial radius of 10.5m, the trams are suitable for the curvy T5 route. They are equipped with an ABS braking system. The low floor of the trams provides easy navigation for passengers with less mobility.

The trams covers the entire distance in 22 minutes running at an average speed of 18km/h.


The project required the relocation of residents, existing pedestrian paths and bus tops. Displacement work began in January 2008 in Valley d’ Oise. Similar work in Seine-Saint-Denis commenced in January 2009.

This displacement and relocation required an investment of €40.23m, which was funded by the regional council of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Civil engineering works commenced simultaneously in Val d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis in the final quarter of 2009.

Construction of tracks, platforms and site maintenance began in the second quarter of 2010.