Our experts help with the approval of rolling stock type, which can be a complex process.

In addition to tests, our experts play an essential role in the completion of the type approval process.

From agreeing on the client’s needs through to final results, our experts are on hand at all stages to guide and advise.

Services offered include:

  • Help clients to establish the tests needed as part of the type approval process
  • Assist clients, where necessary, in drawing up test specifications designed in relation to specific vehicle characteristics and the standards in force
  • Play a part in obtaining the necessary authorisations for conducting tests on the line
  • Provide the necessary explanations on the results of the tests performed by our laboratories

Railway dynamics

Objectives include:

  • Establish the dynamics behavior of new and modified rolling stock or rolling stock whose operating conditions have changed, in relation to a particular track, for all types of vehicle and at all speeds
  • Develop and investigate methods for verifying railway dynamics on all European networks
  • Optimise testing of running behavior through numerical simulation in railway dynamics

Our test resources feature measuring axles for determining the Y, Q and X forces of vehicles under test, as well as digital measuring chains for data acquisition and processing.

We test according to the following standards:

  • Infrastructure TSI
  • Loc and Pass TSI
  • EN 14363:
    • Testing for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles
    • Testing of running behaviour and stationary tests
  • EN 15687:
    • Testing for the acceptance of running characteristics of freight vehicles with static axle loads higher than 225kN and up to 250kN
  • EN 15686:
    • Testing for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles with cant deficiency compensation system and / or vehicles intended to operate with higher cant deficiency than stated in EN 14363:2005, Annex G
  • UIC 518 OR:
    • Testing and approval of railway vehicles from the point of view of their dynamic behaviour, safety, track fatigue, and ride quality
  • UIC 432 OR:
    • Wagons, running speeds, technical conditions to be observed

Accreditation includes ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC, and our clients include Alstom, Bombardier, Clere, Colas Rail, COSEA, SNCF, Stadlet, Systra and Vossloh

Rolling stock weighing procedures

Characterising vehicle loads for type approval or expert assessment purposes in situ with or without lifting systems.

Objectives include:

  • Determine the static load at each wheel, the centre of gravity and the unloading rate for all types of vehicle (for type approval, modification, renovation or expert assessment of a vehicle)
  • Two types of weighing:
    • Weighing in compliance with the NF F00-701 standard
    • Weighing performed on maintenance, construction or vehicle maintenance sites on workshop tracks with or without vehicle lifting.

Test resources feature load cells (10,000daN or 20,000daN), topographical viewfinder to ensure wheel levelling, weighing frame with lifting equipment, anda moveable frame that can be installed on track to offset defects of up to 15mm

We test according to standards that include:

  • NF F00-701:
    • Measurement of static loads per wheel of vehicles
    • Weighing installations and weighing operations
  • EN 14363:
    • Testing for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles
    • Testing of running behaviour and stationary tests
  • EN 15663: Definition

Accreditation includes ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC and our refences include Alstom, CFD, RATP, SNCF and VFLI.