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Mechanics, Electrics, Physics-Chemistry, Acoustics, and HSE

Rail Testing and Consulting


During the design phase of railway infrastructures, equipment and rolling stock, or during the qualification process, tests and measurements are essential to evaluate mechanical characteristics of the products and equipment.

From the measurements performed and depending on the client’s requirements, Eurailtest will, if requested, perform assessment, suggest optimisations, and carry out expert analyses on the mechanical behavior of a vehicle or a sub-system.


Electrical tests and measurements aim to validate the electrical compliance of rolling stock, infrastructure and railway equipment or sub-systems to applicable standards. These tests are conducted on a test rig or on sites according to the needs and issues.

Based on the values measured and depending on customer requirements, Eurailtest is available to perform expert analyses and conduct verifications of the electrical characteristics of railway sub-systems and their interaction.


From the measurements performed and depending on the client’s requirements, Eurailtest will, if requested verify and perform expert analyses of the physic-chemical characteristics of materials.


Acoustic is an important matter in the railway sector. The reduction of noise caused by railways is an important issue for the transport operator. Noise pollution can affect the surrounding environment as well as the inside of trains.

From the measurements performed, Eurailtest will, if requested, assess the sound and vibration characteristics of railway installations.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, safety and environment are at the heart of the concerns when it comes to workplaces and places accessible to the public.

Depending on customer requirements, Eurailtest can offer measurements relating to the environment, health and safety.

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