A passenger train derailment outside of Vienna, Austria, has reportedly claimed at least one life and wounded 12 other people.

The incident took place near the town of Muenchendorf, which is situated south of the capital city.

Andreas Zenker of the Red Cross of Lower Austria told news agency AFP that one person died, three people were seriously injured, and nine suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Zenker also stated that two wagons derailed for yet unknown reasons, of which one crashed into an embankment and the other one tipped over into a field next to the tracks.

Austrian rail operator ÖBB noted that the train in the accident did not belong to it but to private train company Raaberbahn, which links Austria and Hungary.

The news agency also reported that 54 people were injured in two train carriages collision incident at a station in the Austrian city of Salzburg in April 2018.

In February 2018, one person was killed and 22 were wounded in the collision of two passenger trains in central Austria.

This March, an intercity passenger train derailment caused injuries to at least 21 people in Olavarría, Argentina.

Local authorities reported that several carriages of the train fell off the rails in the incident.