At least 21 people have been reportedly wounded in an intercity passenger train derailment in the eastern town of Olavarría, Argentina.

Multiple carriages of the train fell off the rails in the incident, reported Reuters citing local authorities.

Olavarría mayor Ezequiel Galli said on Twitter: “At the moment, 21 passengers have received treatment at the hospital.”

The mayor further said that a 40-year-old passenger experienced a cranial injury, reported the news agency. Among the injured were five children who have now been reportedly discharged.

The people wounded suffered minor injuries, said the mayor.

“The rest of the passengers are being transferred to the Olavarría Municipal Exhibition Center (CEMO) where they will receive appropriate attention until they can restart their trip,” Galli was quoted as saying.

In a statement on Twitter, Trenes Argentinos confirmed the train accident.

Trenes Argentinos, a state-owned firm, manages the train network in the country.

The 333 train runs from the capital city of Buenos Aires to the port city of Bahía Blanca.

In April last year, a passenger train accident in Egypt claimed the lives of at least 11 people and wounded around 100 more.

The same month, a passenger train derailment in Taiwan led to the death of at least 50 people, in what is claimed to be the island’s deadliest rail disaster in many decades.

Nearly 146 others were wounded in the incident.