Spanish rolling stock manufacturer Talgo has received a contract to supply two high-speed trains to the national railway company of Uzbekistan (UTY).

The T250 trains to be delivered under the €57m contract will be identical to the high-speed trains already operating in the country.

Uzbekistan bought the first two Talgo 250 trainsets configured with nine passenger cars in 2009. They began operating two years later in 2011.

Four years later UTY acquired two additional trains with 11 coach-compositions. They started operating in 2017.

Talgo 250 is designed to operate on non-homogeneous railway networks at a speed of up to 250km/h. The trains are equipped with traction equipment adaptable to different gauge and signalling systems.

It also features Talgo’s tilting technology that enables the train to run faster around curves.

In addition to Uzbekistan, these trains operate across the Spanish railway network on conventional main lines and standard-gauge high-speed tracks.

The T250 trains will operate under the Afrosiyob brand, connecting the Uzbekistan-capital of Taskent with Samarkand and the cities of Qarshi, Bukhara and Jiva.

Afrosiyob trains can operate in Uzbekistan’s extreme weather conditions, which rise to 40ºC during the summer and drop to below -25ºC during the winter season.

Besides delivering the two high-speed trains, Talgo will supply four coaches to add to the existing nine-coach vehicles that were purchased in 2009.

Once completed, the final Uzbekistan T250 fleet will comprise six trains with 11 passenger cars each.

Last month, Asian Development Bank awarded a $170m loan to Uzbekistan to support the acquisition of 24 electric locomotives.