Nexxiot has teamed up with E-P Rail to offer Cloud-based data analytics services for the Romanian freight rail operator’s fleet of locomotives and railcars.

Switzerland-based Nexxiot will install its onboard sensor technology that will allow E-P Rail to provide new services for its clients via AI-supported analytics.

This partnership will see an advancement of the concept of ‘TradeTech’, which enhances global supply chains through digitisation.

E-P Rail owner and managing director Radu Gabriel Gheorghiu said: “We seek out and integrate the very best solutions for our cargo customers so they feel secure and can always find the right cargo transport for their specific needs, whatever their requirements may be.

“Nexxiot’s sensor gateways, Cloud-based software and analytics will help us to achieve our current mission objectives.”

As per the agreement, Nexxiot will provide nearly 1,100 gateway devices, called Globehoppers, to digitise the entire railcar fleet of E-P Rail.

Apart from Globehoppers, E-P Rail will deploy Nexxiot’s software to organise and examine data.

By using machine learning and algorithms, Nexxiot’s logistics Cloud processes several collected data.

E-P Rail stated that the new cargo services for end customer will soon be available online.

The company has also created its own mobile applications for process management aimed at facilitating transparency and accountability around its operations.

In July this year, Nexxiot and Canadian firm TransRail Innovation Group announced that they are ready to launch a new digital transformation partnership to deliver solutions for rail freight operators.

In the past 60 days, Nexxiot has also signed service agreements with French specialty materials manufacturer Arkema and Poland’s largest operator of independent freight railcars Eurowagon.