Czech manufacturer Skoda Group have partnered with Alstom with aims to deliver 1,120 traction motors which are set to power a new tram fleet in Melbourne, Australia.

The two manufacturing companies have entered a contract worth more than €13m ($14.4m) and this deal represents the first delivery from the Skoda Group to Australia, demonstrating their expansion to an urban tram network claimed to be the largest in the world.

The supplier will provide Melbourne with trams, producing up to 1,120 traction motors with delivery starting in the upcoming years.

Škoda Group president of components Petr Novotný emphasised the group’s excitement in being able to power one of the world’s largest train systems.

Novotný said: “With this prestigious contract, we have proven that we are constantly improving the quality of our products. It shows the trust our partners place in our group’s technological expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

“Many vehicles around the world are running thanks to our traction drives. And I’m thrilled that we can bring our premium motors to Australia for the first time and contribute to the further development of one of the world’s largest tram networks, which is located exactly in Melbourne.”

The tram traction motor in Melbourne is based on the popular SKODA FCX line of motors featuring a longitudinally mounted engine producing 105 kW.

According to the group, their traction drives have been widely recognised around the world, with more than 50,000 having been fitted.