UK train operator Greater Anglia (GA) has said that it will upgrade CCTV systems in all stations in East Anglia to dissuade thieves and vandals.

The new internet-based cloud system will be capable of capturing higher quality images.

The train operator claims that the new system is more reliable and will facilitate remote viewing of stations.

Recording will be carried out locally at each station by the new CCTV system. The system will be linked through a secure internet network to so that the train operator can monitor feeds remotely and share with the British Transport Police.

The system is capable of storing the feeds for 30 days that will aid police in uploading the evidence of any crime and accelerate their investigation.

Greater Anglia asset management director Simone Bailey said: “We take our customers’ security very seriously so we are pleased to make this investment to help safeguard them and their possessions while using our stations.”

“The message is clear. If you are intending to steal from or vandalise a rail station in East Anglia, our CCTV will provide us with very clear footage that will help us to identify and prosecute you.”

The footage from all stations will now be monitored from the control room in Romford.

Additionally, GA will use the footage during disruption to improve the plans for station management.

In September, GA planned selected Toshiba Digital & Consulting Corporation’s (TDX) AI-enabled Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) technology to improve train plans.

Toshiba’s AI solutions will be used by GA to develop and implement train timetables for East England routes.

In July, Greater Anglia deployed the first Stadler-built bi-mode train for commercial operations.