UK train operator Greater Anglia (GA) is set to use Toshiba Digital & Consulting Corporation’s (TDX) AI-enabled Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) technology to improve train plans.

Toshiba’s AI solutions will be used by GA to develop and implement train timetables for East England routes.

TDX, Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (TDSL) have teamed up with Mitsui, which is serving as an investor in GA and TDX, for a digital transformation project.

The project intends to enhance operational performance and customer convenience by creating a robust train timetables.

Timetables will be created with AI-embedded digital twin technology, which is a CPS solution.

As part of this project, TDX will be involved in arranging and combining data digitally, including Track infrastructure, rolling stock performance, timetables and rules.

This will help in generating a virtual real-world train operations environment.

TDX railway business will examine and carry out simulations under different conditions, before providing and assisting GA in creating train timetables.

Toshiba original Timetable Risk Evaluation methodology will also be used. It was jointly developed by Toshiba research and development centre and TDX.

If successful, the technology will decrease train delays and improve management efficiency for the UK operator.

Greater Anglia performance and planning head Keith Palmer said: “Our work with Toshiba and their digital twin system is a really exciting for Greater Anglia and their customers.

“The system will enable us to build better timetables delivering better performance and reduced journey times based on the excellent practices used in Japan and beyond.”

Last year, Toshiba, Mitsui and GA completed a feasibility study of the project on its West Main Line.