Spanish rail operator RENFE has awarded a €250m contract to CAF for the delivery of 37 metric gauge trains.

The trains will replace the current fleet of RENFE, which are made of this type of units.

Of the 37 trains, 31 trains will operate on the RENFE Metric Gauge lines while the remaining six will replace the fleet operating on Cercedilla-Cotos line in the Madrid mountains.

Renfe has started a €5bn investment project that will support the replacement of a major portion of the current fleet.

In a statement, CAF said: “These initial contracts are a testament to the trust that RENFE has placed in the CAF Group, further strengthening the close relationship established between both companies since they started working together.

“This has also provided CAF with the opportunity to collaborate with RENFE to update its rolling stock, something which CAF will also make good use of to work on and develop new solutions which are called for given the current health problems, with a view towards guaranteeing completely safe travel aboard this new fleet.”

The order is split into two sets, the first set of which consists of 31 metric gauge trains.

It also involves the supply of parts and the maintenance of 12 trains for 15 years. The maintenance will be carried out by ACTREN.

The contract also includes another option to buy seven additional units.

Of the 31 trains, 26 will be electric and the rest will be dual-type trains.

The second set of six electric traction trains will be designed to improve comfort and travel experience compared with the existing trains.

This contract also includes a first-class maintenance period of 15 years.

Last month, CAF was awarded multiple contracts, totalling €100m, for the delivery of metro vehicles to Naples, Amsterdam and Stockholm.