CAF has been awarded multiple contracts, totalling €100m, for the delivery of metro vehicles to Naples, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

The first contract is an extension of a current contract for the supply of trains to Amsterdam and Stockholm while the other is a new rolling stock contract for Naples.

On 22 June, CAF signed an agreement with regional railway operator in Italy’s Campania Region, Ente Autonomo Volturno.

According to this contract, CAF will deliver ten metro units and integral maintenance for three years. It will also supply depot parts.

These trains will operate on the Piscinola-Aversa Centro Line in Naples, which is the region’s capital.

On the same day, CAF concluded the first contract under the framework agreement for the supply of the first four six-car train units.

Amsterdam’s public transport operator GVB Activa BV has exercised the first option for the delivery of nine new additional trams of the 60 optional trams on the contract.

In September 2016, CAF secured a contract from GVB Activa to deliver a fleet of 63 low-floor bi-directional light rail vehicles (LRVs) which included an option for a further 60.

The vehicles will operate on the 213.3km Amsterdam tram network, which has 16 lines and 490 stations.

CAF secured another contract to supply an additional ten trams for Storstockholms Lokaltrafik’s (SL AB) transport network in Stockholm, Sweden.

CAF previously signed the initial contract with Storstockholms for the production of 15 units in 2010.

The contract included an option for the supply of an additional 121 trams, which led to SL AB extending the order for 27 additional vehicles.

In 2017, CAF secured a contract to supply an additional 12 trams for SL AB.

CAF group’s technological subsidiary CAF Signalling has also received two contracts worth €30m from ADIF.