Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) has won a contract worth around €300m from Swedish state-owned operator SJ AB.

Scope of the contract includes the delivery of 25 CAF Civity Nordic platform units.

The contract has also an option to extend the supply to a total of 60 units. The first trains are expected to be commissioned for revenue service in 2026.

Designed for regional and inter-regional service, these platform units can withstand Sweden’s extreme weather settings, with temperatures falling below -40ºC.

Suitable for all types of passengers, the five-car trains will operate at speeds of 200 km/h.

With 5,400 employees, SJ Group manages the majority of the rail network in Sweden. Its railway links Stockholm with Copenhagen and Oslo.

With the service life of some of its units due to end soon, SJ is executing a plan to modernise its fleet. It is also looking to expand the capacity of its trains to meet the increased demand.

In 2019, CAF acquired the Swedish company EuroMain, which carries out work in the train maintenance sector.

EuroMaint has two service contracts with SJ AB.

The contracts include 12-year maintenance of the train fleet operating on the Krösatågen and Kustpilen lines and upgrading 57 cars in the Swedish operator’s overnight passenger car fleet. 

In 2021, CAF also received a contract in Sweden to build 20 Electric Multipe Units (EMUs) and eight Biodiesel-Electric Bimodal Units (BMUs) for AB Transitio.

Last month, CAF received a contract valued at over €250m from Etihad Rail to supply push-pull passenger trains.