Alstom has received complete certification of European Train Control System (ETCS) Baseline 3 Release 2, the latest interoperability standard for rail.

It received the certification from Belgorail for the implementation of the data fusion algorithms that uses satellite navigation and inertial movement detect the location and speed of trains.

ETCS was created for a standardised European cross-border rail traffic and is expected to safely increase speed, reliability, and capacity.

The system features continuous radio-based automatic train protection, which optimises the higher-speed operation and aids the network interoperability.

Additionally, it also reduces operator maintenance costs.

This latest standard feature higher radio capacity and other evolutions that are said to be capable of better addressing the needs of railways.

Alstom is implementing a new odometry system in Norway that can be applied in various train and environment types.

The company plans to equip 450 trains with the new ETCS standard and begin service by 2026.

It will also test the first locomotive with the new solution this month.

Alstom Nordics MD Rob Whyte said: “In a decisive move towards digitalisation in rail, Norway has chosen to equip the whole country with the latest version of the European interoperability standard, demonstrating the country’s leading strategy for a greener future.

“We are immensely proud to be participating in this, and even more so with a world-first technology for which we have just obtained certification.”

In February, German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) awarded a contract to Alstom to install the latest ETCS on 19 ICE1 high-speed trains.