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Waterborne Coatings for Train Interiors

HSH manufactures INTERCOACH 5600, which is a waterborne UV-resistant acrylic topcoat designed for application on a wide variety of substrates. It provides an extremely hard, wear-resistant and durable surface on components made of polycarbonates, composites, honeycomb panels, air films, and aluminium painted and unpainted surfaces.

The company also produces INTERCOACH 5800, a waterborne 2-pack UV-resistant polyurethane-acrylic topcoat designed to meet the original equipment manufacturers requirements.

This paint is formulated to offer a hard and wear-resistant surface, is dirt and stain repellent, and has high abrasion resistance.

INTERCOACH 5800 can be applied with or without primer as a single coat system on a wide variety of substrates after proper testing and depending on the final result.

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