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Automatic Parts Washers and Degreasers for Railway Depots

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PROCECO manufactures heavy-duty, automatic parts washers, degreasers, and parts cleaning systems specifically designed for railway / transit maintenance processes in depots and component manufacturing facilities.

Our industrial parts washers are engineered to clean components to spec in a short cycle time without the use of harmful solvents.

PROCECO’s solutions include locomotive truck and engine washers, heavy-duty spray cabinets, heavy-duty power-spray type belt washers, conveyor washers, and high-pressure deburring systems.

Traction motor cleaning and drying system to wash and vacuum dry stator frames, armatures and components.
PROCECO's locomotive truck and engine washer (LTEW) removes oils, grease, and carbon in a short cycle time.
The rail-fed wheelset washer effectively removes grease and road dirt from locomotive or car wheelsets. Wheelset washers are pit-mounted in line with workshop floor-level tracks for a pass-through operation, allowing four wheelsets to be processed per hour.
PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD spray cabinet parts washers are designed to power wash loads up to 20,000lb (9,072kg) placed directly on the turntable.

Typical applications for PROCECO equipment within the railway and transit sector

We offer component-cleaning equipment that is specifically designed to clean the following components:

  • Bogies / trucks: locomotives and rail cars for freight, light rail, and metro
  • Wheelsets
  • Diesel engine blocks and components
  • Belts
  • Power assemblies
  • Traction motors
  • Gearcases
  • Main generators
  • Bearings
  • Axles

A typical cleaning process consists of spraying parts with a high volume of pressurised, hot cleaning solution of water and a small quantity of detergent to remove oils, grease, carbon, road dirt, and other contaminants from component surfaces. Additional stages such as rinsing and drying can be added to complement the cleaning cycle. The water-based cleaning solution is recirculated for re-use to preserve water, detergents, and energy.

Benefits of PROCECO technology

PROCECO equipment offers clients the following advantages:

  • Reduces time and effort required to clean parts
  • Removes tough soils prior to overhauling
  • Delivers clean parts in short cycle time
  • Increases production
  • Provides a safe working environment for operators
  • Cuts operating costs
  • Customisable to suit your exact needs
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based cleaning solution

PROCECO’s parts washers are available in single and multi-stage configurations to spray clean parts to meet all of your cleaning specifications. Each PROCECO system can be easily customised by adding various pre-engineered options to enhance its performance and extend cleaning solution life. We provide complete solutions from initial concept to turnkey installation.


Since 1975, PROCECO has developed a complete line of multi-stage, automatic degreasing and washing equipment engineered to meet the demanding rail and transit maintenance processes. Our aqueous parts washers deliver fast, high-quality cleaning while reducing chemical and labour costs. We can also custom design systems tailored to any of your specific needs.

Over the years, we have supplied and continue to support more than 6,700 cleaning systems to the rail and transit, heavy machinery, aerospace, and automotive industries in more than 53 countries worldwide.

7300 Tellier Street
Montreal, QC, H1N 3T7

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