Wheelset cleaning

The PROCECO rail-fed wheelset washer effectively removes grease and road dirt from locomotive or car wheelsets. These washers are pit-mounted in line with workshop floor-level tracks for a pass-through operation, allowing the processing of up to four wheelsets per hour.

The wheelset is rolled inside an enclosed cleaning cabinet equipped with a spray manifold with strategically targeted spray nozzles surrounding the wheelset profile. During the wash cycle, the wheelset is rotated automatically to expose every surface to the cleaning jets and ensure complete cleaning of all surfaces.

A high volume of pressurised, hot cleaning solution made of water and a small quantity of detergent is sprayed to remove oils, grease, road dirt, and other contaminants from component surfaces. An additional rinse stage can be added to complement the cleaning cycle. The cleaning solution is recirculated for reuse to preserve water, detergents and energy.