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Traction Motor Cleaning and Vacuum Drying Plant

Traction Motor Cleaning and Vacuum Drying Plant


As a key partner to the rail and transit industry, PROCECO has helped modernise maintenance depot parts cleaning operations, replacing harmful chemicals and manual processes with environmentally friendly, automatic degreasing equipment.

All of our cleaning technology uses water-based cleaning solutions instead of harmful solvents. During the wash cycle, workpieces are sprayed with recirculated, hot aqueous solution containing a low detergent concentration (between 2% and 5%) to effectively remove greases, carbon dust and dirt prior to rebuilding processes.

Over the past 40 years, we have developed a complete line of multi-stage, automatic degreasing and washing plants engineered to meet the demanding rail and transit maintenance processes. These aqueous parts washers deliver fast, high-quality cleaning while reducing chemical and labor costs. PROCECO can also custom-design systems tailored to any of your specific needs.

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