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Railway Bearing Cleaning Systems

Proceco spray cabinet typhoon-hd

PROCECO’s TYPHOON®-HD heavy-duty spray cabinet washers are ideal for bearing cleaning applications, engineered to effectively remove oil, grease, debris, and other contaminants from bearings prior to the rebuilding processes.

Our cleaning technology combines pressure, heat, and water-based solutions to clean and degrease parts to spec within minutes.

Bearings are processed in batches, loaded on a part holding rack attached to a turntable to expose all surfaces to the cleaning solution. During the wash cycle, bearings are sprayed with recirculated, hot cleaning solution, containing a low detergent concentration of between 2% and 5%. A hot, freshwater rinse completes the wash cycle to remove remaining detergent residue and leave parts surface-clean.

This spray cabinet bearing washer is equipped with an oil skimmer and a sludge conveyor to remove heavy soils and floating oil from the solution tank, extending solution life and reducing waste disposal costs. In addition, the system features a large solution tank volume to help settle contamination, and to reduce the frequency of tank clean-out. TYPHOON-HDs are available in a range of load capacities, starting as low as 1000lbs (454kg).

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