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Railway Depot and Workshop Equipment

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Bertolotti Rail, part of the Bertolotti SpA group, is an international company that manufactures and supplies railway depot and workshop equipment for maintenance services on railway, metro and tram networks.

The company also develops technical solutions for handling and lifting materials and machinery for different sectors, such as the aeronautic, bulk handling, steel and railway industries.

Specialised lifting machinery for rail applications

From the beginning of its story, Bertolotti Rail showed a great interest in railway sector. The company uses its know-how and its experience from other divisions to develop lifting jacks for Trenitalia Company.

SNCB lifting line for Coradia, 25t each.
Alstom Transport Nola: fixed sanding system for high speed.
Different customers: bogie drop systems with scissor tables and 25t / 45t lifting capacity.
RZD Russia: motorised bogie turntables with a 25t capacity.
RATP PARIS: bogie lifting and rotating stand with 13t capacity.
RATP : Mobile platform BertUP450
Hitachi Rail Italy: 120t traverser for coaches (bogie test stand).
Bogie drop machine for Metro systems
Fixed platforms for train roof access
Fixed platforms for roof access and sanding system for trains

During a project in Naples for Italferr, the main Italian engineering company in the railway sector, Bertolotti Rail developed the first bogie drop system for high-speed trains, with lateral bogie extraction and a reduced pit. The system was patented in 2008 and now it is one of the main products in our portfolio.

Even though the company proposes similar machines to different customers in the railway industry, special equipment can be supplied and customised to meet clients’ requests.

Lifting jacks

Bertolotti Rail is experienced in lifting jack design. In the last few years, the company has delivered jacks all over the world. An order for more than 230 columns in Taiwan allowed Bertolotti Rail to change its design philosophy and production methods for its lifting jacks.

Bertolotti Rail has designed jacks for major companies, including Alstom, SNCF, SNCB and Trenitalia.

Fixed mobile sanding systems

Bertolotti Rail manufactured and supplied its first sanding system for an Italian customer in 1998. After that experience, the company installed sanding systems for railway companies, as well as steel companies that required cement pneumatic systems.

In the last year, Bertolotti Rail produced more than 50 tanks for sanding systems, and is now developing a new layout of local, smaller, more efficient tanks that will be installed for ALSTOM in the coming months.

The mobile sand refilling units offer high or low pressure, and can be used for tramways or the largest GE locomotives.

Bogie drop systems

The design of a bogie drop machine is really a job for specialist. For this reason, railway companies ask Bertolotti Rail’s technicians to analyse and study bogie drop systems for their depots.

Bertolotti Rail has been proposing bogie drop systems with low pits (or without pits in cases where the depot has rails on columns) in order to reduce maintenance times. At the same time, no civil works are required, compared to machines with scissor tables.

Working platforms for roof access

From the railway sector to the aeronautic division, Bertolotti Rail supplies different platforms for high-level automation. We supplied more than 1km of platforms for the production of military aircraft, as well as other special platforms for aircraft manufacturers.

In the railway sector, we can design working platforms for roof access with movable parts, tilting or sliding covers, to cover the space between the train and fixed parts, in case the train has different shapes. We have installed platforms in various locations, including Italy, France, and Tunisia.

About Bertolotti Rail

Following extended internal discussion and having established a good position in the markets in the last 4 years, we have deemed it mandatory to separate Bertolotti SpA’s working team dedicated to railway sector into a new company. Bertolotti SpA will now only be dedicated to the steel and aerospace industries.

This will allow Bertolotti Rail to be more flexible in meeting different market requests. Bertolotti Rail works across the world, directly or through international companies such as Alstom, GE transportation or local operators and always developing new opportunities from new customers.

Founded in 1972, Bertolotti is a private family-owned Italian company, well known in the world market as a complete and flexible engineering and manufacturing supplier of railway depot and workshop equipment.

Bertolotti has a quality system that integrates different certifications, including AS EN 9100: 2009, EN ISO 9001: 2008, EN ISO14001: 2004, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, VCA** SCC** 2008 / 5.1, and ITAR compliance.

All project phases are managed, inspected, monitored and traced by an integrated quality management system, ensuring that the final product conforms with contractual and regulation requirements.

Bertolotti Rail Srl
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