Our dropping machines for bogies comply with the highest quality standards and our mission is to be flexible during the design phase for all customization possible but at the same time, each product must be always safe and reliable.

Our machines are designed following the most restrictive standards in terms of safety and, in particular, designed following the harmonized rules recalled in the Attachment IV of the new Machine Directive 2006/42/CE about lifting systems for vehicles and in particular UNI EN 1493 Standard.

Bogie and wheelset drop systems are much appreciated for metro systems with 30-tonne roll over capacity (from 10-tonne to 16-tonne capacity per axle) but also to change bogies to EMU or high-speed trains or big locomotives, with rollover capacity around from 15-tonne to 25-tonne capacity per axle. The machine can be designed from a minimum lifting capacity of 10-tonne up to 50-tonne lifting capacity or more if necessary.

The bogie drop machines can be designed with big pit or reduced pit (approximately 1m) with lateral extraction of the bogie.

With Bertolotti bogie drop system it is possible to remove the bogie, the wheelset and under coach components with dedicated interfaces. Three activities with only one machine.

It is possible to have large working platforms for personnel, with necessary tools on board, removable and disappearance supports for the coach, double lifting speeds, removable pendant control commands via Wi-Fi network. All designed around users!

Hydraulic crossing bridge for exit road (hatch)

Instead of the installation of a steel cover manually removable before commencing the activity of disengagement of the dismounted bogie, it is possible to design a steel bridge equipped with one or two hydraulic cylinders for opening the road.

This option is available in case the customer will have second road and ask for passage on it with trains or forklift. Rollover capacity is normally in accordance with customer specifications.