Sand refilling systems are designed to meet the most restrictive standards in terms of safety and, in particular, the harmonised rules of the new Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. Furthermore, particular attention is given to limiting dust emissions and reducing dust concentration for a healthier working environment.

Customers can choose a standard configuration of the plant or ask for a specific arrangement, depending on requirements. It is possible to have both a fixed sanding system or mobile units for sand refilling.

The fixed plants are essentially composed of a sand storage silo, a propeller and local sand tanks, as well as and one or two dispensing guns. The sanding system is completely automatic, and equipped with a compressor and centralised dust filtering unit. Sand transfer piping can be made from carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the request, and fitted to the roof or inside a trench at floor level.

The mobile unit is independent, equipped with a sand tank (200Lt, 350Lt or 500Lt available capacity), and fitted on an electric vehicle or frame movable with forklift. It features a compressor and dust filtering system on-board. A high-pressure sand transport propeller allows for a flexible pipe length up to 15m and filling height up to 4m.

The main control panel is usually inside the technical room. A clear user interface on a colour touchscreen panel provides all parameters about settings, performances, alarms and diagnostics. For each working section, clients can choose the operating components, and the software will automatically reconfigure the system.