Lifting jack

Customers can choose a standard product or ask specifically for a customised jack, depending on the needs they may have in the depot.

Our lifting jack systems are designed for tramways and trains, and offer a weight capacity from 6t to 50t each, and from four columns to 48 columns.

Our lifting systems comply with the most restrictive standards in terms of safety, including the harmonised rules recalled in the Attachment IV of the new Machine Directive 2006/42/CE about lifting systems for vehicles, as well as the EN 1493 standard.

Lifting jacks can be mobile on rubber-coated wheels with fixed anvil or mounted on dedicated rails with a retractable anvil. They can be moved manually or automatically thanks to a fully motorised system.

The lifting chain is composed of an electric motor and gear with brake, irreversible trapezoidal screw, bronze working nut and steel safety nut.

A clear user interface on a color touch-screen panel provides all parameters about settings, performances, alarms and diagnostics.

For each set of lifting jacks you can choose the operating columns (by groups of four) according to the rolling stock to be lifted; the software will automatically reconfigure the system

For the best level of flexibility, we are able to provide a wireless lifting system where each jack is controlled and managed via a certified Wi-Fi network.