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Weighwell Engineering Ltd

Static and In-Motion Train Weighing Systems

Using weighing engineering experience, Barnsley based manufacturer Weighwell supplies specialist train weighing systems to rail depots and workshops.

Weighwell House, Woolley Colliery Road,
S75 5JA United Kingdom

Using weighing engineering experience, Barnsley-based manufacturer Weighwell supplies specialist portable train weighing systems to rail depots and maintenance workshops, with hundreds of static and in-motion systems in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Portable train weight measurement device

Weighwell’s designed and patented award winning flagship product the Portable Train Weigher (PTW) changed the concept of train weighing. With its unique portable design, it can be installed in any gauge of track and virtually any rail type in a matter of minutes without the need for expensive changes to the track or foundations. The firm’s range of systems have been designed to meet all uses, including trams, metros, light rail, main line and heavy on-track plant.

All rail vehicle wheels have a flange that prevents the train from ‘jumping the track’. Weighwell designed a base work with adjustable entry and exit ramps, and innovatively designed built-in load cells. The base work lifts the wheel tyre but keeps the flange within the rail head allowing the simultaneous weighing of the wheel flange through a signal from the load cells, which is converted into weight by the software, giving a high degree of accuracy.

Static train weighing systems for train depots

The Weighwell portable static train weighing system provides accurate individual wheel weights which can assist in adjustments during the building or maintenance of a wagon, passenger car or locomotive. The portable Single Axle Weighing System weighs each individual axle to give highly accurate weights on each wheel and provides immediate results of any imbalance across the axle. To gain better accuracy and minimise potential influences, Weighwell recommends using multiple PTW units (bases), depending on what bogie or rail vehicle is being weighed.

Measuring train weight distribution

Whether you are looking to weigh each rail vehicle bogie (two-axle or three-axle), or pairs of two-axle bogies (four axles), or pairs of three-axle bogies (six axles), Weighwell’s PTW range with a length of only 500mm allows for greater flexibility between rail fastenings and can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution. The portable static train weighing systems can provide live wheel weights, axle weights, side weights, cross weights and total bogie weights. The PTW Full Car Weighing System (also known as Full Train Weighing System) can also provide an instantaneous total vehicle weight with a PTW unit (base) under each axle of the train car / railcar.

In-motion railway weighing systems for rail freight

The Weighwell PTW1 and PTW1 HD is a portable, dynamic rail weighing system that allows the in-motion weighing of, wheels axles, wagons and trains. The mobile rail scale is perfect for short term projects and temporary sites and is an ideal solution to provide check weighing results for rail freight, such as coal, steel and cement.

Whether your priority is accurately checking loads to avoid overloading, which can damage wagons and infrastructure, or preventing derailments due to eccentric loading, the in-motion Portable Train Weigher will provide a solution.

Complete bogie weight measurement

The TrackCell and RamCell bogie workshop systems with ptwX software can be integrated into any type of new or existing bogie test machines that are used to set up bogies correctly after build, repair or refurbishment.

Weight on the bogie, individual wheel weights, axle weights, side weights, cross weights and total bogie weight are displayed on a computer screen using Weighwell ptwX software or PTW digital indicator unit. The load cells take the hard work out of building accurate, cost-effective bogie test machines.

Bogie changing systems

Weighwell’s Bogie Drop Cell integrates into the screw jack mechanism of bogie and wheel set changing systems. It assists in the safe removal and replacement of entire bogies from rail vehicles.

Software for weighing trains

All of Weighwell’s systems use the in-house multilingual ptwX software, which is designed for manufacturing and maintenance depots that require immediate answers to production problems.

Easy to use with real-time display the ptwX software can calculate errors across axles, bogies and full trains based on industry standard test procedures (such as DIN standards). A design aim in the development of the ptwX software is to let the customer introduce their own custom-built options to be introduced. These can be from complex reports to methods of operation.

Software features include:

  • An interface with the industry leading PTW weighing platforms
  • Choice of weighing units, including percentage
  • Real-time weight display of wheel information, including tolerances
  • Industrial strength structured query language (SQL) database
  • Your data can be viewed across your network with the ptwX reporting tool
  • Support for up to 16 axles on each vehicle
  • Interfaces for single axle to full weighing operation
  • Full networking capability including Wi-Fi
  • Support for bespoke test procedures.
  • Fully customised reporting options available
  • Reports can be exported in standard formats such as pdf or csv
  • Ability to drive large remote displays for operator convenience

About Weighwell Engineering Ltd

With more than 28 years’ experience in the sector, Weighwell has established an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and service. The company enjoys success at home, Europe and overseas and is proud to have longstanding relationships with some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including Alstom, Bombardier, Hitachi, Siemens, and SNCF. For more information on the portable train weighing systems visit the product page or use the below contact form.

In-Motion Train Weighing Systems

The Weighwell PTW1 and PTW 1 HD are both portable and accurate in-motion train weighing systems that are ideal for the rail freight market. Additionally our PTW1 HD has been specifically designed to withstand greater axle loads with an increased weighing range of 40t per axle (20t per wheel).

ptwX Software

Created and designed for maintenance and manufacturing depots, our easy-to-use ptwX software allows for real-time displays of wheel information and can interpret any weight differentials in relation to the full locomotive / railcar such as wheels on axles, axles on bogies and bogie differences.

Static Train Weighing Systems

Our static train weighing systems are ideal for train maintenance depots with our systems providing highly accurate individual wheel weights.

Hitachi Super Express Trains

The Super Express trains are being manufactured by Hitachi Rail Europe to replace the high speed trains of UK railway network under the Intercity Express Programme (IEP).

Bombardier TWINDEXX Double-Deck Trains

TWINDEXX is a double-deck train specially designed by Bombardier Transportation for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The rolling stock was designed in response to SBB’s proposals to launch an intercity high speed express train.

Etihad Rail

Etihad Rail will be the first national freight and passenger railway network connecting the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Intercity Express Programme

The Department for Transport began the procurement process in March 2007 for what it termed 'the UK's most significant i


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Weighwell Provides Static Train Weighing Systems for Miami and Honolulu

Weighwell have supplied two PTW2 500X's for Hitachi Rail USA and Ansaldo Honolulu with the portable train weigher's (PTW's) initially operated by Hitachi Rail Italy. Having previously supplied portable weighing systems as far back as 2009 (formerly through AnsaldoBreda) Hitachi Rail Italy have prior knowledge and experience on our static weighing systems at their Pistoia plant but also other locations throughout the world such as Holland and Brazil.

Portable Six-Axle Train Weighing System for Estonia

AS EVR Cargo is the national railway company of Estonia and provides rolling stock repair at their Muuga and Tapa depots. AS EVR Cargo primarily carry out major assembly and maintenance work on freight wagons and locomotives to extend their service life.