Our static train weighing systems are ideal for train maintenance depots with our systems providing highly accurate individual wheel weights. This is advantageous in meeting operational requirements and assisting passenger cars or locomotives that require adjustments or alterations such as heavy maintenance, bogie changes or vehicle modifications.

For static weighing, we offer either the Single Axle Weighing System or systems with multiple PTW units (bases) for weighing bogies or the total rail vehicle (railcar).

Ideal for train maintenance

With our Single Axle Weighing System, each individual axle is statically weighed to give the accurate weight of each wheel and provides immediate results of any imbalance across the axle. This is ideal in the maintenance of locomotives and railcars and is highly efficient due to its portable and unique design thus eliminating the need to install train weighbridges.

Bogie weighing

To provide accurate information relating to the locomotive or railcar vehicle bogies we recommend our portable Bogie Weighing Systems (for two-axle bogies and three-axle bogies). Highly suited to train maintenance depots and rail workshops these systems help highlight weight differentials between bogies, which if left undetected can cause increased wear to the suspension or wheelset ultimately impacting ride quality.

Full car weighing

Our Full Car Weighing Systems (also known as Full Train Weighing Systems) allow the whole rail vehicle to be weighed and provides a perfect solution when weighing 2 x 2 axle bogies and 2 x 3 axle bogies. These portable systems provide highly accurate live wheel weights, axle weights, side weights, cross weights and total bogie weights. The advantage of a Full Car Weighing System is that the whole railcar / train car is weighed instantaneously all within a 1mm tolerance.