Neratec ICL solution offers an easy cable replace­ment by radio link for inter-carriage networks.

The ever-increasing connectivity needs require more and more data output throughout the train backbone.However, especially in refurbishment projects, it is often very difficult or even impossible to add additional cables between the train carriages or compositions. As an alternative to additional cables, Neratec offers a wireless inter-carriage link (ICL) solution.

Wireless connectivity is a shared media and the frequency bands are very crowded. Neratec has built an industry-leading ICL solution by optimizing antennas and usage of wideband radio channels in the outdoor environment together with reliable algorithms and redundant transmission links.

The use of MIMO antennas allows transmitting of higher data rates, e.g. with proper antennas data rates up to 450 Mbit/s can be achieved.

The new Neratec ICL antenna designs solve the challenges of working in such short distance line-of-sight environments and still providing the full performance.

Neratec’s clever frequency management algorithms guarantee a high link availability without interruptions and full regulatory compliance in the 5 GHz bands.

A wireless inter-carriage network requires an intelligent automatic connection establishment between the carriages. The Neratec automatic train-coupling algorithm allows for reliable detection of wanted carriages and for avoiding erroneous connections to devices on nearby tracks.