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Industrial WLAN Products

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Neratec Solutions is an independent Swiss technology company that specialises in industrial wireless local area network (WLAN) products and customised product developments.

The company focuses on wireless solutions, embedded and real-time software, complex electronics and digital signal processing.

Neratec develops and manufactures industrial WLAN products which meet the very highest standards for applications in the rail, automotive and production industries, as well as in process automation and security / surveillance.

EN50155-compliant wireless local area network systems

Neratec WLAN products are used as part of system solutions developed and installed by system integrators and service providers. Typical installations consist of 50 to 500 Neratec WLAN trackside or on-board access points, and support a large number of mobile Neratec on-board WLAN client modems.

More Innovation for High Performance: Tailoring for good value add, better radio link budget, Higher data rates, and Fast roaming times for continuous coverage in mobile installations.
Neratec's train-to-ground application provides up to 200Mbps user data throughput speeds and operate on license-free 5GHz radar bands.
Neratec inter-carriage link can bridge carriages with up to 380Mbps. A secondary redundant link can be added nearby without affecting performance.

Our customers benefit from long-term availability, high reliability and good system integration support based on Neratec in-house development.

Applications for Neratec EN50155-compliant WLAN products include:

  • On-board to infrastructure communications: speech, video, data exchange, remote control
  • Mobile passenger / driver information systems
  • Public Wi-Fi access on-board trains, buses and ships
  • Security applications at terminals and depots
  • Wireless inter-composition communication systems
  • Wireless remote control systems
  • Large area coverage wireless communications for moving objects in industrial environments

Neratec WLAN products are compatible with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) 802.11 standards, but are carefully designed in-house for demanding and harsh environmental conditions where complex radio propagation constellations, physical shocks and vibrations are present. In addition, radio parts are designed and optimised for railway applications by Neratec R&D.

Train-to-ground and wireless inter-carriage communications

In mobile environments, Neratec can offer high-speed train-to-ground and wireless inter-carriage communications. With 3×3 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) support and aggregation possibilities, reliable continuous coverage train-to-trackside links up to 200Mbps user payload can be achieved.

In wireless inter-carriage application, reliable links up to 380Mbps can be achieve with a single radio link, and with a second aggregated link this can be enhanced up to 730Mbps user payload.

Enhanced radar detection and DFS features

With enhanced radar detection and DFS features, Neratec products allow the 5GHz outdoor bands to be used reliably. This is a crucial factor in order to have more bandwidth available for outdoor use and to achieve a robust and interference-free system for years to come.

Monitoring services for installations

All Neratec products have built-in monitoring services which make it easy for integrators to track the performance of the complete installation and detect potential problems, such as issues with the antennas or changing radio frequency (RF) conditions. The monitoring feature can be also used during commissioning for improvement and approval of the installation.

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PO Box 83
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