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Smart Digital Transport Solutions

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Resonate offers digital railway and connected transport solutions through powerful digital platforms for signalling, traffic management and operational intelligence.

Our advanced technology and customer focus along with constantly developing technology help to deliver solutions for the fast-changing railway environment to meet capacity, communication, connectivity and cost requirements.

On operations

We address the competing pressures and demands of the railway network, providing innovative software tools for signalling control, timetabling, staff rostering, economic planning and business performance.

Increased demand for train travel is placing the rail network under increasing pressure. Resonate’s operations solutions, including capacity modelling, timetabling and crew rostering, provide effective software for train operators and network operators to deliver a safe, reliable and profitable service. Our strength is our combination of extensive rail knowledge with practical IT solutions.

60% of UK main line train services are controlled by DeltaRail IECC systems for some part of their journey.
DeltaRail provides software for train operators and network operators to deliver a safe, reliable and profitable service.
Resonate exhibits its railway technology at InnoTrans, including TracklineTwo and VIEW solutions.
Resonate offers solutions that focus on improving railway communication, connectivity, capacity and cost.
Customer focus and evolving technology are key areas that Resonate uses to develop its digital platforms.

Because we understand how one aspect of railway operation can impact on another, we are able to provide the analytical tools to help our customers to get to grips with the impact of change.

Signalling control systems

Resonate signalling control systems are used extensively in the UK. We supply and maintain the IECC which is integral to many of Network Rail’s major signalling centres, providing the intelligence needed to make informed decisions and respond rapidly to what is happening on the ground.

The system provides comprehensive fault diagnostics and monitoring, plus automatic route setting (ARS) to optimise traffic flow, even under disrupted conditions.

60% of UK main line train services are controlled by our systems for some part of their journey.

We provide software applications, development and support, plus specialist advice on signalling technology. Resonate also specialises in solid state interlocking (SSI). Our strengths include providing adaptations and modifications to existing signalling systems, adding value by extending the life of existing equipment.

On track

Our skills, captured in Resonate software and technology, focus on vehicle rail interaction, life cycle analysis and optimising the design of infrastructure. We help customers to be proactive with maintenance decisions to reduce risk, improve availability and cut costs. This enables them to target maintenance where it is most needed, reducing risk and preventing service interruption.

TracklineTwo – track geometry and degradation monitoring

Resonate’s TracklineTwo technology and software accurately monitor track geometry and degradation both on service and dedicated measurement trains.

Our modern simulation tools such as Vampire are increasingly important for evaluating interactions at the wheel/rail interface, enabling aspects of vehicle behaviour to be examined that could not be efficiently done in any other way.

By understanding how key components of the railway network perform and degrade under realistic operational scenarios we can reduce risk and optimise system performance.

On train

We deliver a first-class range of products and services designed to optimise rolling stock maintenance, extend fleet life and ensure regulatory compliance.

Resonate’s integrated maintenance management solutions ensure maximum gains in fleet efficiency, productivity and availability. Our sophisticated condition monitoring systems and fleet management software optimise maintenance and inspection schedules to improve safety and reliability.

Condition based maintenance

Condition based maintenance is significantly more cost effective than a schedule based regime. With Resonate’s condition monitoring systems and software you know what you’ve got, rather than guessing, enabling you to adopt a proactive maintenance strategy that cuts costs without compromising on safety.

Resonate’s VIEW system provides trackside monitoring for components such as brake pads, brake blocks, wheel profiles and conductor shoes.

These systems integrate with your own maintenance software or with XV, Resonate’s maintenance management software, delivering significant savings in maintenance and operational costs.

Environmental conditions such as high leaf and rainfall can also hamper fleet performance and cause delays. SmartSander was developed by Resonate to tackle the problem of low adhesion under these conditions and significantly increases safety and performance while reducing maintenance downtime.



  • Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya Line (SSP Line)

    Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya (SSP) is a 32.4mi (52.25km)-long mass rapid transit (MRT) line under construction near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The line will connect the townships of Sungai Buloh, Serdang and Putrajaya.

Products & services

  • Operations Management

    Real-time disruption management: Plan optimum stock and crew utilisation; improving service resilience and customer satisfaction.

  • Signalling Control Systems

    A flexible platform providing automated movement authorities with any interlocking and easy integration to any open architected traffic management system (TMS); reduce infrastructure renewal costs, operational costs and overlay your chosen business systems.

  • Traffic Management

    Digital platform for results focussed, operations wide management. Improving performance and increasing capacity.

  • Customer Xperience

    Customer insight and data analytics: delivering informed journeys and personalised engagement.

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