Digital platform for results focussed, operations wide management. Improving performance and increasing capacity.

Traffic management solutions on our Luminate Digital Platform

Our traffic management solutions provide a digital layer of intelligence enabling you to improve performance, increase capacity and manage disruption.

By implementing planning models based on powerful predictive analytics, our results focused software will work with you to deliver advanced automation and a more efficient network. Our system is designed to minimise the impact of issues by combining an operations wide look ahead and automation with real-time command.

Using smart algorithms we deliver the best workable scenarios during traffic disturbance and give you the visibility and agility needed to make good decisions quickly. We design ready for an era of smart cities, connected transport and shared information.

Whether directly connecting to our operational systems, mining our powerful algorithms or interacting with third-party data feeds, we show you the sharpest and smartest insights.

Key benefits of Luminate:

  • Digital platform delivering real time, route wide control for dynamic disruption management.
  • Advanced planning models to improve performance and maximise capacity.
  • Train Graphing tool to provide clear visibility of historic, planned, current and predicted train paths
  • Smart interfaces to share intelligence and decision making with stakeholders and partners.
  • Flexible and compatible – will overlay in situ signalling control systems

Proactive possession management – implement isolations fast and safely to maximise track working windows

Open architecture: digital platform enables interaction with key third-party systems.