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High Speed and Suburban Trains

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With its ‘complete mobility’ concept Siemens offers sustainable mobility solutions that link various transportation systems in order to transport people and goods with greater efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.

Siemens is the only company worldwide with all the necessary competencies for this – from operating systems for railways and road traffic, traction power supplies and rolling stock for mass transit, regional and mainline services, to airport logistics and postal automation.

Velaro® – top performance for high speed

High speed – a key factor to economic success and quality of life across entire regions. But Velaro®’s ten-year technological edge did not come overnight. The revolutionary move away from all-traction equipment concentrated in a power car operating in push-pull mode, to a distributed traction arrangement, was made by Siemens in the 1990s. As a result, the first Velaro trainset – the ICE 3® – went into service in time for Expo 2000, and developments have continued ever since. You can check out the successes for yourself by riding on a Velaro in Spain, Russia or China.

Be it a high-class solution for businesspeople, a trainset with outstanding riding comfort, or a very economical transportation system for large numbers of passengers: Today, you have an innovative high-speed trainset at your disposal that is way ahead of the rest. The Velaro family is as proven as it is versatile: completely different variants can be configured from one standard platform.

Velaro: the world's fastest train set provides perfect comfort as well as high-tech design at its best.
Desiro ML – the highest flexibility for commuter, regional and interregional services.
Desiro(R) UK Class 360/2 – the UK's most reliable EMU.
Desiro double-deck trains – extremely convenient.

The platform is so mature that a Velaro can be rapidly integrated into your operations. A perfect base for increasing your market share.

With a maximum speed of 350km/h, Velaro is the fastest series production trainset in the world. In the not-too-distant future it will be able reach speeds of more than 360km/h. Two-car body widths and a flexible number of cars have been built and – typical of Velaro – are already in service. By traveling well over 500,000km/year, every train gives a tremendous performance.

Countless possibilities – Desiro ML

The Desiro ML enables operators to implement new, innovative concepts in commuter, regional and inter-regional services with a range of different train configurations, traction systems and customized, versatile interior designs to meet individual transit requirements. The Desiro ML is available in a number of electric versions and as a diesel-electric multiple unit complying with the latest emission-standards.

Very British: Desiro UK

The hundreds of thousands of commuters who travel everyday by train from the London suburbs to the City and back know that a comfortable commute is the best way to start a successful day’s work. That’s where the Desiro design shows what it can do. Desiro UK is the train family for the UK and has been adapted to the country’s network with its high-density railway lines and specific safety case requirements.

More room for growth: Desiro double-deck

Our variable-use low-floor double-deck train offers everything that can be desired from a modern urban transit system. It starts with boarding through the attractive sliding doors, which allow passengers to board quickly and help them off to a good start to their day. Stepping into the roomy interior area, you immediately feel the elegance and attractiveness. Plenty of legroom, comfortable seats, modern carpets are combined with a light and fresh ambience. The upper deck impresses with its wide and well-planned layout.

Efficient and economical: Desiro Classic

A journey doesn’t have to be long to be enjoyed. Desiro Classic is the best example of this. An individual, diesel-powered train for non-electrified lines with low to medium traffic volumes, it pleasantly links start and destination. It is robust, dependable and economical and has a top speed of 120km/h with low exhaust emissions. All aboard!


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