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Modular Seating Systems for Public Waiting Areas

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OMK Design specialises in the installation and production of public area seating systems for the transport sector.

We also offer planning and development, project execution and after-sales services to complement our portfolio.

OMK has collaborated with a wide range of operators and architects for 35 years to address the requirements of public area seating through product configurations and finishes.

Short-sit bi-directional benches for rail platforms and exterior areas

The SEVILLE bench is designed specifically for short-sit situations where space and passenger circulation is critical, such as rail platforms.

OMK offers the Link modular seating system for railway stations.
Passengers can use the Hub work and charging table for their devices while at the railway station.
OMK develops and installs modular seating systems for railway waiting rooms and platforms.
Our TRAX solution was commissioned more than 25 years ago for the UK’s Intercity stations.
The modular TRAX system has been used in more than 200 projects worldwide, including London’s Eurostar station.
TRAX’s flexibility enables operators to change fixtures according to their requirements.
Our SEVILLE benches are suitable for short-sit environments such as rail platforms.
SEVILLE benching can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Our new FLITE system is ideal for high-density lounge seating applications.
Moulded, self-skinned polyurethane seating panel options are available in a range of colours.

The seating surfaces are designed to remove water and heat retention, making them suitable for indoor and exterior applications, as well as all weather conditions.

The innovative multi-directional aerofoil seat design makes it ideal for small areas.

Combining interlocking extruded aluminium seats and beam sections with a resilient anodised finish, individual components are easily installed and fixed using die-cast aluminium end caps.

The seat can be floor-fixed, wall-mounted or free-standing with optional die-cast aluminium arms with an ultraviolet (UV) resistant polyester powder coating.

Modular seating systems with interchangeable fixtures

The modular beam-mounted TRAX seating system is available in uninterrupted lengths from two to seven runs, without requiring transitional leg supports.

Originally commissioned more than 25 years ago, TRAX is a highly versatile modular passenger solution that incorporates a standard OMK chassis supplied with OMK’s wide range of seat finishes. This enables post-installation flexibility so you can accommodate changing passenger requirements.

Our optional seat finishes include powder-coated steel, polyester, moulded, self-skinned polyurethane and saddle-stitched coach-hide, all of which can be upholstered to your requirements.

We offer a range of interchangeable features such as low-back and high-back seating, foot rests, group seating pods and integral power / USB charging stations.

TRAX has been designed to provide optimum visibility for security purposes.

Seat and back panels can be replaced in-situ using a single tool and are organised to reduce dirt and fluid retention. The solution also allows for a table to be installed instead of an individual seat.

High-density gate room seating systems

As passenger numbers increase, a higher quantity of seats in existing waiting rooms is now becoming a growing priority. Through our close collaboration with industry architects and operators, our new FLITE system is designed for high-density lounge seating.

The solution offers a 10% increase in seating capacity over similar products, creating a cost-effective, environmentally friendly seating system. It also features rolled front and back panels, which reduce the risk of accidental impact injuries.

We offer moulded, self-skinned polyurethane seating panel options in a range of colours.

This user-friendly configuration offers in-house maintenance benefits and facilitates the cleaning, installation and panel replacement processes.

Dynamic seating systems for railway stations

OMK’s Link dynamic seating system is designed for concourse and retail areas of train stations. The moulded polyurethane seat has a distinctive geometric shape and it can be combined to form a number of dynamic configurations.

The system has an integral steel frame that is fitted with a moulded polyurethane cushion, along with powder-coated steel legs that are suitable for modular design. A linking device can be quickly attached or removed to easily reconfigure the seating system.

The base seating units can be equipped with a range of optional accessories such as dividers, tables and charging points.

Work and charging station for waiting areas

The Bridge modular table offers a convenient place for passengers to work and charge their devices. The table is built around a steel centre that houses the electrical cabling with up to four replaceable power modules. It can be easily connected to an external power circuit with its single standard plug.

Ply wood panels certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are fixed to the frame finished with a Fenix laminate surface. Bridge is available as free-standing or floor-fixed solution in a range of colours, with international power sockets, as well as USB A and C ports.

About OMK

OMK was established in 1965 by Rodney Kinsman, who began designing and manufacturing furniture for Habitat. In 1990, the company was commissioned to create a seating system for the British Rail Intercity stations.

This led to the development of TRAX, which would subsequently be used in more than 200 passenger transport projects worldwide.

We are based in London, UK, and have a state-of-the-art design studio with efficient prototyping facilities and the latest 3D computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

All products have been independently tested by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) to withstand vigorous use and have a 25-year structural guarantee.

Our products have received more than 30 international design awards, including Millennium Product for the Future in 2000, and the Queen’s Award in 2016 in recognition of its contribution to the UK trade. We were also awarded the Network Rail Framework Agreement in 2017.

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