STANLEY Infrastructure has released its new advanced MBF5 mounted breaker, adding a more cost-effective product to the company’s range of mounted breakers.

While delivering a high standard of power, performance, and durability, the MBF5 is designed to appeal specifically to the rental industry.

An advanced feature of the MBF5 is the decrease in regular maintenance. The MBF5 is gas-fired, meaning it has only two moving parts: the inner piston and the auto-valve. The limited amount of moving parts decreases the wear of components, in turn decreasing maintenance. Both the upper and lower bushings have been redesigned to increase the durability of the breaker. When the upper tool bushing has servable wear, it can be rotated 90 degrees, making the life of the bushing last twice as long. In turn, the lower bushing can also be rotated 90 degrees and flipped, giving the bushing 4x more life expectancy.

This line of breaker has 6 different models suitable for a wide range of bracket setups, and is suitable for both skid steer and mini excavators, ranging from 4,500lbs to 13,500lbs. Its lightweight design fits many types of carriers in terms of hydraulic flow range (10 GPM to 22 GPM) and weight class.