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Railroad Tools

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STANLEY Infrastructure specializes in the manufacture, sale and service of tools serving the railroad industry around the world.

STANLEY’s enviable new product development reflects its well-honed, customer-based process for getting truly innovative products from R&D to the work site.

STANLEY understands that the railroad industry is hungry for new technology, fresh innovation, dedicated energy and a higher level of service related to tool manufacturing, distribution and support. This broad-based, industry-specific intelligence is the foundation for the railroad tools product line at STANLEY Infrastructure.

TracHorse: This is an all terrain, self-propelled mobile hydraulic power pack that allows transportation of equipment in any job site environment.
This saw arm reduces operator fatigue and has indexable swivel on clamp that eliminates disconnect time.
The RD12 Rail Drill has an automatic drill feed, and the spindle speed reduces operator effort and provides greater precision.
The TM50 Data Logging Trolley is designed to direct reading functions, it has a real-time geometry calculation and display, self-zeroing and no re-calibration is required.
The TJ10 Track Jack is a one piece, forged aluminium base, upright design. It has the lowest pump handle effort requirement available - 75 lbs. for 10 ton lifting force and the lowest toe profile height.
The BR87 from Stanley's handheld breaker range offers one of the best power-to-weight ratios with high blow energy.
The MB/XP8055 is one of Stanley's large mounted breakers ranges, which offers a breaker for commercial demolition, road building, quarry work, and production breaking.

Gas rail drills and rail templates and guide assemblies

STANLEY is expanding its entire line of gas driven railroad maintenance tools. Among them, the new RDG15 gas rail drill developed with its sister company Dubuis has a new generation of engine that has the lowest emissions and noise of any engine built of its size. The RDG15 drill will consistently bore a large bolthole in around 30s.

The RDG15 utilizes STANLEY’s railway products, a wide array of rail templates and guide assemblies that STANLEY has available for most rails worldwide. The unique screw mechanism gives enhanced feed control at the operator’s fingertips and provides extended life of the drill cutters.

WS20 TEN weld shear

STANLEY is developing the world’s lightest ten-weld shear that is powerful and lightweight, only weighing 85lbs. Our WS20 will be a very versatile shear easily converted for either hand-powered pumps or power units / truck circuits. It will decrease the set up time to increase productivity.

The in-line handle will eliminate rocking of the shear on the rail during operation, and the shear will maintain blade alignment for high-quality finished welds with its self-locking hold-downs. The replaceable rollers will ensure smooth travel and alignment of blades.

Trachorse self-propelled mobile hydraulic power pack

STANLEY has released a new generation of the TracHorse self-propelled mobile hydraulic power pack. The MP3 TracHorse allows transportation of tools and equipment in most job-site environments, and the simple operating controls allow for a wide range of applications.

The unit’s auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit is designed for continuous duty applications and features the standard high efficiency cooling found on all STANLEY hydraulic units. This TracHorse will climb a 60% grade without effort and with its’ two-speed motor can transport tool at your pace, whether fast or slow. It easily carries 1,000lbs and each unit comes with standard dual work lights.

Large mounted demolition breakers

STANLEY’s line of premium breakers includes large and mid-sized breakers with a high production rate, making them suitable for tough applications.

The units in the MB/XP range have compatibility ranging from 13 metric tonnes to 80 metric tonnes. They are suitable for commercial demolition work, road construction and quarry work, as well as production breaking.

Features that increase uptime and efficiency of the line include auto-lubrication, a mounted SDC tracking device, heavy-duty housings and wear plates, and a fixed impact energy valve.

Other standard features include hydraulic flow and idle blow protector, vibration dampening tie-rods, a membrane type accumulator and a stroke selector for large breakers, as well as waterproofing for underwater operations.

Products include the B/XP4035, MB/XP5545, and MB/XP8055.

Railway spike removers

STANLEY’s hydraulic spike puller range, SPL31, is an advanced removal tool suitable for rail maintenance work.

The pullers allow for spikes to be removed from any angle or position, making removal simple and quick. They are also equipped with an automatic dual-stage valve, which reduces kickback when operating.

Spike removers are equipped with a range of features, including pulling force of 16,647lbs, improved carrying handle on the side and seal design, redesigned lower chute, and a weight of 31lbs, making it one of the lightest spike pullers available.

Pullers in the SPL31 range include the SPL31A, SPL31AS, and the SPL31AN.

Handheld hydraulic breakers for the railway industry

STANLEY hydraulic breakers deliver high-impact force, with a great power-to-weight ratio. They provide high blow energy and low noise levels, and the 70lb hydraulic breakers have similar output energy as standard 90lb pneumatic breaker ranges.

Maintenance is kept at a minimum as hydraulic oil is circulated through the internal components, and with the system being completely enclosed, the need for an exhaust or oil atomisation is eliminated.

There are a range of benefits to STANLEY’s breakers, including modular design, feathering power valve that can control speed, anti-vibration handles, and a EZ Ride foot for better control.

For choosing the appropriate size, allow 10lbs for each inch of concrete, for example, for 4in concrete, use a 40lb breaker.

Products included in Stanley’s breaker range are the BR45, BR50, BR67, and BR87.

About STANLEY Infrastructure

STANLEY Infrastructure has a proud tradition of being a global leader in the development of a wide range of innovative hydraulic products used in a variety of industries and applications.

As a member of Stanley Black & Decker Inc, a 165-year-old company committed to the manufacture and distribution of quality tools for professional, industrial, and consumer, we at STANLEY Infrastructure are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative customer-driven product designs, world-class performance, unmatched product support, and superior value.

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