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Fluoramics Lubricants, Sealants and Oils

Founded in 1967, Fluoramics is an international distributor of high-quality lubricants, oils and thread sealants for the automotive, hydraulic, and mass transit industries. The company is best known for Tufoil, its engine oil treatment, which is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. Fluoramics products help to prevent mechanical breakdowns, rust and corrosion in mass transit.

Mass transit vehicles must last many years with frequent use. With sealants accredited by both the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and NASA, our products excel in their areas of application. The continued development of anti-corrosive coatings and lubricants give additional protection to areas of the railways and vehicles which are subject to corrosion problems, such as the chassis under frame and wheels. Everyday usage causes railroads to have significant costs in maintenance, grinding and replacement. Our products help railways last longer, lower maintenance costs, and keep trains doing what they are supposed to do, move.

Fluoramics is part of the race for scientific achievement and recognition. The founder and president was chosen as NJIT’s 1990 Inventor of the Year and holds a place in the Inventor’s Hall of Fame. He was also a finalist for INC Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. The company holds dozens of domestic and international patents on its product lines. These range from automotive lubricants, to oxygen-compatible greases and thread sealants, to lubricants designed for high-temperature rotating equipment and grease for high speed mechanisms.

Fluoramics range of products with applications in the mass transit industry is vast. All of Fluoramics’ products have been invented and developed by the company president. The manufacture, production, packaging and shipping takes place at the plant to ensure superb quality control under the direction of its founder. None of Fluoramics’ products are considered hazardous and are not aerosol’s nor do they contain solvents, so they can be shipped anywhere in the world, by sea or air. As a result, the company has been able to grow international sales at a steady pace.

Thread sealants in wet conditions

The LOX-8 thread sealant is used in applications requiring an oxygen-safe, waterproof (or dry) thread sealant that can withstand both high extreme temperatures and high pressure. LOX-8 is already used as a lubricant for O-rings and gaskets in oxygen equipment.

Highly-stable thread sealants

While LOX-8 paste is the perfect sealant for wet conditions, FORMULA-8 will work in conditions from -400°F to 500°F. It is stable in pressures up to 3,500psi and in vacuums of 10torr to 3torr. It is chemically compatible with diesel fuel, liquid propane gas, and oxygen.

Corrosion-resistant lubrication

HinderRUST is an anti-rust and corrosion lubricant which works well in both hot and cold conditions. HinderRUST’s formula is perfect for year-round protection and lubrication on metals which are open to changing weather conditions, as it prevents rust, corrosion, and the need to grind or replace metals, prolonging the use of your equipment.

A lubricant without rival

Certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Most Efficient Lubricant, Tufoil was originally created as an engine treatment, but was found to be incredibly effective on gear boxes and when mixed with wheel bearing or chassis greases.

Grease for low break-out torque

A jellied version of Tufoil, Lightning Grease significantly lowers operating temperatures, extending machinery and bearing life.

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Fluoramics Inc

18 Industrial Avenue



New Jersey

United States of America

+1 800 922 0075 +1 201 825 7035 www.fluoramics.com

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Fluoramics Inc

18 Industrial Avenue



New Jersey

United States of America

+1 800 922 0075 +1 201 825 7035 www.fluoramics.com

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