While Lox-8 paste is the perfect sealant for wet conditions, Formula-8 will work in conditions from -400°F to 500°F. It is stable in pressures up to 3,500 psi and in vacuums 10-3 torr. It is chemically compatible with diesel fuel, liquid propane gas, and oxygen.

The Formula-8 sealant uses PTFE in a thixotropic paste to seal threaded joints, and seals are formed over the entire thread length. Unlike with thread-sealing tapes, the size or length of the thread is not a limiting factor. Even fine threads in instrumentation systems are sealed effectively over the entire thread length.

The formula requires no curing time, allowing systems to be put back into service immediately. It wets the threaded service immediately and cannot be accidentally dislodged, making it especially useful in hard-to-reach places.