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Global Leader of KVM, AV, and IoT Products and Services

Black Box designs products for the transport industry and provides IT infrastructure solutions, services, and technology.

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Black Box is a trusted IT hardware manufacturer, delivering cutting-edge technology to businesses around the globe. The breadth of the company’s global reach, continuous innovation, and depth of expertise help to accelerate customer success by bringing people, ideas, and technology together to solve real-world business problems. Black Box’s IT infrastructure solutions, services, and products enable secure and flawless connectivity, as well as meaningful collaboration for businesses in every major market across six continents.

Black Box designs products for the transport industry that are based on customer and user experiences and requirements. When moving people, products, or assets, it is important to have high reliability, a lack of downtime, and a dependable solution for transporting valuables from point to point anywhere in the world. Black Box’s award-winning suite of products sends data, without sacrificing latency or fidelity. The company’s systems provide passenger and cargo compartment data using the company’s environmental monitoring solutions. Its products can also deliver data such as operation departure and arrival times, and more.

KVM and AV systems for rail operations

In railway operations, keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) systems, as well as audio-visual (AV) systems, play crucial roles in ensuring efficiency, enhanced situational awareness, and enabling effective communication. KVM technology facilitates the centralised control and management of multiple computers and their associated peripherals while AV systems perform audio and video transmission for various railway applications.

KVM systems are extensively used in railway control centres and dispatching facilities. These systems allow operators to monitor and control numerous computer systems from a single workstation, using a shared keyboard, display, and mouse. By streamlining access to critical data and applications, KVM technology enhances operational efficiency, simplifies troubleshooting, and reduces cluttered workspaces. Rail operators can easily switch between multiple sources, such as signalling systems, CCTV feeds, and track management software, facilitating efficient decision-making and rapid incident response times.

In addition, AV systems are also used in railway command centres, monitoring stations, and training facilities. These systems integrate audio and video components to provide operators with real-time information and situational awareness. Large video walls and displays present comprehensive views of railway networks, including train positions, track conditions, and potential hazards. These systems enable communication between control centre operators, dispatchers, and field personnel, ensuring smooth coordination and timely responses during emergencies or maintenance activities.

KVM and AV systems also play vital roles in the global railway industry. These technologies enable reliable and effective control and communication, as well as enhanced situational awareness, to deliver improved operational efficiency, safety, and decision-making. By leveraging these advanced systems, railway operators can optimise their processes, ensure passenger and employee safety, and provide reliable transportation services.

Improve railway workflows with KVM systems

Black Box designs products with the user and customer experience in mind. The Emerald 4K KVM-over-IP combines flexibility with security to give operators a personalised and safe workspace. The Freedom II Glide & Switch KM can control many computers from a single console, which helps to save space. iCompel Digital Signage can promote content in 4k Ultra HD/HD through local or remote streaming. Black Box’s AlertWerks physical and virtual sensors can ping controllers and easily display data.

Manage rail operations across multiple computers

With Emerald DESKVU, users can easily access physical or virtual machines, no matter where they are located. Emerald DESKVUE is accessible remotely and can support up to 16 systems, including physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems. With a scalable and personalised workspace that has no single point of failure, employees are able to perform operations 24/7, with up to 4K resolution. The Emerald KVM helps to secure operations while also increasing response times and streamlining user workflows, resulting in reduced bandwidth usage.

Railway operators can improve desktop ergonomics with the Freedom II Glide and Switch. Users can control up to eight PCs with only one keyboard and mouse, which reduces issues associated with latency or excess equipment. This makes control room operations smoother and more responsive, meaning operators are ready to respond at any given moment. With no additional drivers or software needed, setup is easy to integrate into pre-existing infrastructure and can be paired with Emerald DESKVUE.

Physical and virtual railway sensors

Physical and virtual sensors operate continuously to keep controllers informed about temperature, leaks, electrical switches, and more, allowing them to monitor any changes or detect faults. Data is available via HDMI output, Web interface, or through Black Box’s ControlBridge, and is displayed using intuitive dashboard overviews. Equipped with wireless LoRaWAN connectivity, AlertWerks enables users to conduct predictive maintenance and reduce downtime, which increases operational efficiency. Using one solution, environmental, operational, and security features can be monitored together simultaneously.

Digital signage for passenger information

Railways can display visuals to passengers in captivating ways using iCompel digital signage. With iCompel, content from various players, wayfinding information, schedules, or emergency messages can be easily displayed for passengers in 4k ultra-HD/HD. Digital signage and information can be customised and designs can be scaled, rotated, and positioned to suit any situation. All of the required software also comes pre-installed on the hardware, making setup fast and non-disruptive.

About Black Box

Black Box is the trusted partner for railway operators across the world. Its industry-leading solutions enhance communication and streamline operations by providing seamless remote control, immersive audio-video experiences, effective information dissemination, and efficient control room management. Discover more about how Black Box can transform railway control centres, coaches, and cargo management by filling in the contact form.

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Products & services

  • iCompel Digital Signage

    Our solutions help to distribute and display video data on several digital signage displays through a centralised content management system.

  • KVX KVM Extenders

    The extenders ensure the secure transmission of KVM signals, allowing operators to monitor and control critical security infrastructure effectively.

  • MediaCento Video Distribution

    MediaCento distributes dynamic content throughout the any facility and connects all displays with remote AV content systems.


    The MCX controller connects to the network, providing complete control of the system and allowing the distribution of video sources to any display(s) required.

  • Emerald

    In this fast-paced and high-stakes environment, effective control and management of computer systems and peripheral devices are essential.

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