KVX KVM Extenders control remote displays and security cameras

Keeping employees and passengers safe by monitoring, transmitting, and recording images via CCTV is a priority for any transportation segment, including railways. Surveillance cameras are often connected to the operator’s control station or CCTV application via standard copper or fibre optic cables. Black Box KVX KVM Extenders provide operators in security control rooms with remote access and control over surveillance cameras, video management systems, and other security-related computer systems. This enables real-time monitoring, quick responses to incidents, and efficient management of security operations.

The extenders ensure the secure transmission of KVM signals, allowing operators to monitor and control critical security infrastructure effectively. KVX KVM Extenders offer plug-and-play connectivity, DVI, 4K HDMI or 4K DisplayPort video, and serial and transparent USB 2.0 support, so personnel can monitor their environment 24/7.

Railway stations have centralised IT control rooms responsible for managing and monitoring various IT systems and infrastructure. Black Box KVX KVM Extenders allow IT administrators to remotely control and troubleshoot servers, switches, and other critical network devices. This facilitates efficient system administration, minimising downtime, and ensuring smooth IT operations across the train station. The extenders provide reliable and secure transmission of KVM signals, enabling IT personnel to effectively manage and maintain IT infrastructure.

Railway operations centres require real-time access to computer systems and data for effective decision-making. Black Box KVX KVM Extenders enable operators to seamlessly control and manage computers, data feeds, and display systems. This ensures efficient monitoring of operations, including train status, weather updates, gate management, and other critical information. The extenders provide reliable transmission of KVM signals, allowing operators to have complete control over the information and systems required for smooth operations.