Emerald unified KVM over IP

In this fast-paced and high-stakes environment, effective control and management of computer systems and peripheral devices are essential. Black Box’s Emerald KVM over IP product family offers a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically designed to address the unique needs of railway operations.

Emerald Unified KVM links remote virtual and physical servers to users next door, across a campus, or anywhere in the world. Black Box Emerald KVM extenders switch and extend pixel-perfect video in up to 4K, are built for 24/7 operation, integrate with standard IT infrastructure, are highly scalable, and use low network bandwidth.

Multiple Transmitter and Receiver units are designed for different requirements. A Transmitter installs at the server side, a Receiver installs at the user endpoint. Choose from DisplayPort or DVI video interfaces. Models support HD or 4K resolutions and deliver pixel-perfect or visually lossless video. This ensures real-time access to vital systems and communication equipment, facilitating efficient railway systems management.

Emerald DESKVUE optimises workspaces

The Emerald DESKVUE Receiver allows users to access up to 16 servers and tailor their workspaces by connecting a single keyboard, mouse, USB 3/2 devices, audio, and up to four 4K monitors (one of the four monitors can be a curved 5K monitor). Ideal for control room environments, DESKVUE integrates with Emerald and the Boxilla KVM manager, and saves time, streamlines processes, and improves productivity.

Software-only receiver enables remote access from a Windows PC

The Emerald Remote App is a KVM software receiver that enables users to remotely access physical and virtual machines from any Windows 10/11 device, such as a laptop or tablet. This flexibility enables railway personnel to monitor and manage systems on the go, enhancing responsiveness and operational efficiency.

Emerald ZeroU Transmitters: space-saving solution

Space is a valuable resource in control centres, and the Emerald ZeroU Transmitters provide a space-saving solution for seamless KVM extension. These compact devices can be directly installed into the server rack, eliminating the need for additional space and cabling.

Boxilla manages multiple endpoints

Centrally manage an entire Emerald® KVM-over-IP Matrix Switching solution with Boxilla KVM Manager. An intuitive security interface dashboard is used for reporting and real-time alerts, optimising system management.

Monitor and initiate KVM connections with auto-discovery for Emerald and DKM Systems. Manage bandwidth, upgrades, user access rights, automated security alerts, active directory security groups, and more. Boxilla provides unlimited device scalability, and enables bonding for multi-screen user desk configurations.