MCX AVoIP supports railway training and simulation

MCX distributes, extends, splits, and switches ultra-high performance audio/video for display to railway control room environments and passenger information screens.  Instead of installing individual hardware extenders, switches, and splitters that connect source equipment to displays via standard AV cabling, MCX is a simpler solution, consisting of transcoders that connect either sources or displays, and a controller.

The MCX controller connects to the network, providing complete control of the system and allowing the distribution of video sources to any display(s) required, to present content in a video wall format across multiple monitors in any desired layout on and across the screens, all while managing the security of the system by limiting access to only specified users.

Because it works with 4K, multi-view, video wall, and other setups, the MCX AV over IP system gives the railway personnel the ability to implement new features and capabilities into their environment in the future, without having to buy a different system.