MediaCento video distribution supports passenger entertainment and wayfinding

MediaCento can provide high-quality, high-resolution HDMI AV distribution over a railway station’s network. Connecting remote AV sources to every required endpoint, including large single displays, a video wall, and self-service kiosks, MediaCento is a reliable and easy-to-use unified screen system. The system operates reliably throughout a 24/7 operation, with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Leveraging smart technology, standardised solutions, and centralised content, MediaCento delivers a superior customer experience. Offering video entertainment, directional wayfinding, and interactive kiosks, the MediaCento AV over IP solution meets the needs of a wide mix of travellers.

MediaCento distributes dynamic content throughout the any facility and connects all displays with remote AV content systems. MediaCento provides a unified screen system at boarding gates, food courts, and entrance/exit areas. The displays can be controlled from a central location as well as from the point of access. Add the MediaCento Controller to turn a set of screens into a video wall.

AV systems contribute to the compelling railway travel environment. Furthermore, selling third-party ads though the digital signage system and the video wall offers extra income, accelerating the ROI for the AV installation.

Railway personnel and customers alike benefit from one single AV-system to easily distribute and manage content through the facilities with reduced maintenance and better quality with ongoing costs savings. The solution is cost efficient, easy to install, and reliable, and distributes dynamic content that is also standardised and automated.