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Medcom Power Electronics, Propulsion and Auxiliary Traction Converters


MEDCOM is one of the leading manufacturers of high-power power electronic devices in the world. For more than 30 years, it has been delivering solutions supporting advanced public transport systems and power supply systems for industrial installations and the power sector.

MEDCOM developed and manufactured more than 28,000 dedicated devices for various applications and the customers’ specific requirements. The company has 230 employees, 25% of whom are designers and engineers. Its extensive research and development department and modern production facilities let it design and deploy new products in a record time – just a few months from the moment of beginning work on the design.

Solutions for the vehicle market

The company also specialises in the design, production, and integration of proprietary systems for railway vehicles (rail, metro, tramways), trolleybuses, electric buses, and other electric vehicles operating in all the traction power supply systems in the world. Electric vehicles equipped with MEDCOM’s solutions carry millions of passengers a week within the EU and in countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus.

  • 200kW to 2MW traction inverters
  • 5kW to 300kW auxiliary converters
  • Train control and monitoring systems (TCMS)
  • Electric battery chargers / battery chargers
  • DC/DC converters and DC power supplies
  • High-power active filters
  • Energy recovery converters
  • E-recycler energy recovery systems based on supercapacitors and batteries
  • Hybrid inverters for battery energy storage
  • Chargers for electric vehicles

Products for the power sector and industry

MEDCOM’s AC & DC power supply systems work with systems responsible for the safety of key industrial installations, power systems, and telecommunications systems. Virtually all of the Polish companies from the power sector, including Tauron, EDF, PGE, RWE, Energa, NCBJ Świerk, PGNiG, PSE, Navy Ports of Gdynia and Świnoujście, Orlen, ZA Puławy, and numerous companies from the chemical and mining sectors use MEDCOM’s products.

Medcom across the world

Currently about 40% of MEDCOM’s turnover is generated by export, as the company delivers its products to more than 30 countries in the world.

MEDCOM’s solutions are used not only by major Polish manufacturers of rolling stock (PESA, NEWAG) and electric buses (Solaris), but also international concerns operating globally (e.g. Hyundai Rotem, Siemens) and many leading manufacturers in their local markets (MTTrens in Brazil, KVZS in Ukraine, and Bozankaya in Turkey).

Silicon Carbide technology

MEDCOM is one of the few companies in the world trying to promote the SiC technology, thanks to which within the coming years, we might be facing a huge technological change in the market and progress in the design of power electronics for public transport (railways, metro, tramways, electric buses, trolleybuses).

Instead of the standard silicon semiconductors, the SiC technology uses silicon carbide ones.

Benefits include:

  • Electrical energy converters in vehicles lighter by 30%-40%
  • The size of these devices smaller by 30%-40%
  • Significantly lower noise level and higher level of comfort for the passengers
  • Better vehicle driving parameters
  • Energy losses lowered by 30%

The first product based on components made of silicon carbide was presented by MEDCOM in 2014. It was the PSM-35 SiC static converter. In 2016, MEDCOM’s product offering was enriched by a traction inverter integrated with an auxiliary converter for electric buses ((FT-160-600 / PSM-42), which was made using the Full SiC technology.

Currently, another product based on the SiC technology is under development – a multi-system drive and power supply system for electric multiple units (EMUs).


In 2013, MEDCOM developed the E-recycler – an innovative proprietary system for recovering energy generated during braking of traction vehicles. The E-recycler accumulates the energy from regenerative braking of traction vehicles when it is impossible for other moving vehicles to recover it. The accumulated energy is returned to the overhead contact line when the traction rectifiers are overloaded, which helps limit the consumption of energy absorbed from the supply network by up to 20%.

Vehicle chargers and charging stations

MEDCOM also specialises in the production of chargers for electric buses. The company’s portfolio includes stationary chargers (e.g. for depots or bus terminals) and mobile ones, used to charge vehicles in depots. Thanks to a broad power range (40kW to 500kW), the devices can be used for ultra fast charging of vehicles via a pantograph or via the CCS type (plug-in) interface.

All the charger models are compliant with the latest European charging standards and ensure very high voltage conversion efficiency and a very low level of noise generated in the network. Moreover, they work with all battery types available on the market and work even in extreme weather conditions (-30 to 45°C). MEDCOM also guarantees full service and maintenance support and offers the possibility of modifying solutions and parameters according to individual project specifications.

Train control and monitoring system

The train control and monitoring system (TCMS) integrates crucial subsystems of traction vehicles in order to ensure failure-free operation of the system and reduction of maintenance costs. The TCMS manufactured by MEDCOM includes four main areas, including error diagnostics and monitoring management, traction / drive system management, auxiliary system management, and communication management.

The system provides the driver with access to all the necessary information about errors and diagnostics. The TCMS is used in vehicles such as electric multiple units, metro vehicles, tramways, and locomotives.

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Press Release

Kraków’s Lajkonik With a Battery Supply System by Medcom

January this year saw the test runs of Stadler’s latest tram for Kraków. The tram is the first of fifty modern vehicles that will be able to move around the city without using the overhead contact line, thanks to Medcom’s battery supply system.

MEDCOM Sp. z o.o.

ul. Jutrzenki 78 A

02-230 Warsaw


+48 22 3144200 48 22 6689934 +48 22 3144299 www.medcom.com.pl

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White Papers

Press Release

11 February 2020

January this year saw the test runs of Stadler’s latest tram for Kraków. The tram is the first of fifty modern vehicles that will be able to move around the city without using the overhead contact line, thanks to Medcom’s battery supply system.

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11 October 2019

The 13th edition of the TRAKO International Railway Fair is already behind us.

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5 June 2019

MEDCOM and its partners will be presenting their proprietary power electronic solutions at UITP Global Public Transport Summit.

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1 April 2019

Medcom has won the 'Polish Industry Changer' award from Magazyn Gospodarczy Nowy Przemysł and the wnp.pl website.

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23 October 2018

Modertrans showcased its latest Moderus Gamma low-floor tram for Poznań at the company's headquarters.

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17 September 2018

The next edition of the InnoTrans International Trade Fair for Transport Technology will be held on 18-21 September 2018.

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29 August 2018

NEWAG has used MEDCOM’s latest SiC converters in Dragon 2 locomotives, which was presented on the tracks of the Railway Institute in Żmigród, Poland, on 12 July.

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14 June 2018

MEDCOM is currently completing more than a dozen international rail and tram contracts for companies such as CAF, Hyundai Rotem, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens USA, and rolling stock manufacturers operating in local and regional markets.

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11 April 2018

MEDCOM has manufactured more than 150 drives for electric buses and is planning to double production by the end of the year.

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6 March 2018

Currently, MEDCOM is performing more than 12 contracts in various continents, including Africa and North America.

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12 February 2018

MEDCOM is set to unveil a new facility for product manufacture and staff training.

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26 May 2017

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology is launching a new postgraduate major, Power Electronics, in cooperation with the MEDCOM company. The enrolment process begins shortly and the first classes start as soon as October this year.

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Regional Offices

MEDCOM Sp. z o.o.

ul. Jutrzenki 78 A

02-230 Warsaw


+48 22 3144200 48 22 6689934 +48 22 3144299 www.medcom.com.pl

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