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Human Machine Interfaces and Components for Rail Vehicles

EAO is the leading supplier of human machine interface (HMI) systems to the global rail industry. With over 60 years' experience, it has become the world's foremost expert in the design, manufacture and integration of these systems within passenger vehicles.

Tannwaldstrasse 88,
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EAO is the leading supplier of human machine interface (HMI) systems to the global rail industry. With over 60 years’ experience, it has become the world’s foremost expert in the design, manufacture and integration of these systems within passenger vehicles.

Specialist areas:

  • Passenger access systems
  • Driver’s desks and cockpit controls
  • Toilet access and controls
  • Guard’s controls and security panels
  • Driver reminder appliances
  • Critical system displays
  • Custom-built enclosures

Passenger access systems

Passenger access systems are more than just a door opening button. As the primary interface between the operating company and the rail public, they must create a good impression while facilitating the safe, efficient passage on and off trains. Controls that combine aesthetically pleasing design with ease-of use actually make operation safer for passengers.

The key to designing passenger interfaces is to use familiar products which provide a consistent and predictable performance. Human factors, ergonomic criteria, the feedback of visual and audible information, and compliance to industry regulations and best practices are critical.

EAO’s passenger access systems are designed using the finest quality and time-proven Swiss components. Our technical know-how ensures compliance with international regulations, including the new EN 14752 regulations for passenger body-side doors, European Technical Specification for Interoperability for Persons with Reduced Mobility (TSI-PRM), and APTA Standards Development Program Rail Standard (APTA SS-M-18-10).

EN 14752 and TSI-PRM compliant passenger access system components

Series 57 – Sets the new standard. EAO introduces the new Series 57 – the all-in-one door opening pushbutton combining these innovative features:

  • First choice to fully comply with the new EN 14752
  • User friendly, extra large operating area of Ø 74 mm
  • Two unique independently illuminated feedback rings
  • Raised, illuminated symbols conform to TSI PRM & ADA
  • Integrated finding tone for visually impaired persons
  • Smart, tool-less final mounting saves time and costs

The Series 57 range currently includes:

  • Pushbuttons with raise symbols
  • Warning indicator (new)

Series 56 – The most comprehensive, TSI-PRM compliant range:

  • Pushbuttons with raised symbols
  • Raised indicator
  • Multi-tone sound module
  • Speaker module (new)
  • Flashing hazard light (new)

Train cockpit controls

The effectiveness of a cockpit HMI system depends upon an exacting design process that incorporates all technical, ergonomic and communication requirements. Working with an experienced rail supplier will ensure that the system is designed to meet these expectations and is in accordance with international standards.

EAO’s cockpit HMIs are manufactured to UIC Leaflet 612-0 standards, which harmonises the layout and functional requirements of each control device – not only on the driver’s desk, but for all HMIs in and outside of the traction unit.

EAO’s HMI systems provide:

  • Full panel layout according to 612-0 standards
  • Pushbutton and lever controls
  • Integration of displays and screens
  • Integrated alarm and status signals indicators
  • Indicator panels with rapid push-to-test
  • Modular design to save money and speed-up replacement
  • Fast integration with existing wiring harnesses

Train cockpit HMI components

  • EAO’s Series 04, a UIC 612 compliant range, includes:
  • Square and round pushbuttons, indicators, selectors, keylocks and guard security keys
  • Lever switches for operating braking and lighting controls (up to five switching positions possible on a single axis)
  • Push-in terminals from Phoenix Contact
  • Modern, flush-mounting style for optimum operation
  • Industry standard legends provided by engraving, hot stamping, or laser etching

Passenger convenience controls

On-board WC facilities are an important area within the passenger environment and are therefore within the scope of TSI-PRM regulations. All the controls which allow access to the toilet, door locking, flushing and washing must be compliant. EAO has wide experience of designing toilet controls which satisfy international rail standards and provide the human touch that is so desirable in passenger environments. We supply controls with bright illumination, Braille legends, international symbols, and easy-to-identify status.

EAO – Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces

The first illuminated pushbutton of EAO was introduced to the market in 1958. The product became a cornerstone of the company's future and set the standard for an entire industry. Since then, EAO has expanded and consolidated its position as one of the world's leading expert partners for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Two Golds for EAO at Industry Awards

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, collected two gold awards for 'Best New Products of the Year' in the coveted New Electronics Digest 'King Awards'.

New EAO Door-Opener is First Choice for Train

EAO, the pioneer of illuminated pushbuttons, unveils the new Series 57 'all-in-one' door-opening pushbutton, which is set to redefine the standard for passenger access.

Cut Production Time with CAN-Enabled Interfaces from EAO

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, supplies control panels with embedded serial bus interfaces for plugging-in to a range of industrial equipment. Each panel is custom-built using the highest quality components including electro-mechanical switches, displays, touch sc

Specialised Driver’s Desk Controls Compliant to UIC 612

A comprehensive range of specialised controls for rail cockpits and driver desks are available from EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces. Supplying the world's most prestigious train builders like Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier, Stadler and Hitachi, EAO manufactures high-re

EAO Helps Disabled Passengers with New Stop Request

A new, 'stop Request' button for public transport vehicles has been developed by EAO, the expert for human machine interfaces. The new stop request features a high-reliability series 84 pushbutton with raised symbols and an illuminated LED 'halo', pole mounted in a smart, contoured hous

EAO Sets New Worldwide Standard with Shortest Stop Switch

The world's first stop switch with a mounting depth of less than 19mm has been developed by EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces. The new series 51 stop switch utilises a monoblock design with a built in contact block to set a new lower standard for industry. This not on

Eao.com Reaches the Parts Other Websites can’t Find

EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces, is proud to announce the introduction of a new product finder at their corporate website, www.eao.com. The product finder helps guide visitors through EAO's comprehensive range of switch components, which includes illuminated pushbut

Passenger Door Controls get Illuminated Symbols

A new series 56 door opening pushbutton with illuminated open / close symbols is now available from EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces. The switch is carefully designed to improve usability for disabled passengers and to help train builders meet their obligations under

Versatile Low-Depth Switch Range Launched by EAO

A new low-depth switch range for mounting in shallow and space-restricted areas has been launched by EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces. The series 51 is a versatile flush-mounting switch collection which offers a low behind-panel depth, just 34mm including the contact

EAO Becomes First HMI Supplier with IRIS Certificate

EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces, has become the first switch manufacturer to receive the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) quality certificate, revision 02. The Swiss headquarters and production plant EAO was awarded the IRIS rev.02 certificate – the w

New TSI PRM Sound Module Helps Persons of Reduced Mobility

A new TSI PRM-suitable version of the MT sound module is now available from EAO, the expert partner for human machine interface. The new series 56 MTSM (multi-tone sound module) can be programmed to emit clear warning and orientation sounds which may be adapted to any operating environm

Switch Confidently with EAO’s Rugged Selector Switch

A rugged, large-lever selector switch for switching clearly between two positions has been developed by EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces (HMI). Featuring a tough, anodised aluminium handle that is comfortable to grip, this is an ideal HMI device for any application w

Quick and Reliable Connections with Series 04 Push-In Terminals

EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces, is offering a new spring terminal connector technology for the popular series 04 switch range. The series 04 PIT (push-in terminal), which features a spring terminal connection from Phoenix Contact, reduces assembly times by up to 70

EAO to Attend InnoTrans 2010 in Berlin, Germany

At EAO we are ready for the future. Our passenger access switches were among the first to be compliant to the TSI-PRM. We were also the first of our kind to reach the IRIS Revision 2.0 standard. 'The future of mobility' is the theme of Innotrans 2010. You will be able to visit us in hal