The ground-breaking of Yanchep rail extension was held in November 2019. Credit: METRONET.
The first trains on the Yanchep Rail extension will be operational from 2022. Credit: METRONET.
The Yanchep rail extension will extend the existing Joondalup line by 14.5km. Credit: METRONET.
The Yanchep Rail extension involves the construction of three new stations. Credit: METRONET.

The Yanchep Rail Extension is a project being undertaken by the Western Australian government to enhance the public transport network of Perth.

The project falls under the METRONET programme, which is an integrated public transport and land use framework. A 14.5km-long line will extend the existing Joondalup Line from Butler to Yanchep. The extension also involves the construction of three new stations at Yanchep, Eglington and Alkimos, as well as the extension of platforms at Butler station.

Building this rail extension is expected to reduce visual and noise impacts while offering sustainable transport options to the commuters. It is estimated to require an investment of A$531.7m ($360m).

The ground-breaking ceremony of the project was held in November 2019 and major construction works will begin in early 2020. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

Yanchep Rail Link details

The Yanchep Rail line extension will be built below the surface, in a cutting. It will originate at Butler station, pass through the Alkimos and Eglington stations, and terminate at Yanchep.

“A dual-track railway line will be complemented by a 13.8km-long principal shared path (PSP) on its western side for cyclists and pedestrians.”

Nine road-over-rail bridges will also be constructed, while 11 crossings will be developed along the route in future. A bus depot at Alkimos, 30 bus stands, five fauna underpasses, six bike shelters, and 2,000 parking bays will also be built.

Stations along Yanchep Rail Link

Yanchep station will be built to the south of Toreopango Avenue, towards the north of Yanchep Beach Road, east of Marimon Avenue and west of Wanneroo Road. The station and the ground-level concourse will include a free zone connecting either side of the platforms in a cutting.

It will also include two secure parking shelters for bicycles and bike u-rails, with an option to add two additional bicycle parking shelters in future. Pedestrian and cycle access will be provided through the shared path.

Alkimos station will be located towards the north of Romeo Road, east of Marmion Avenue and west of Wanneroo Road, in the LandCorp’s Alimos Central Development.

Two possible designs are being considered, which includes option A, comprising bus stands located at the centre of the interchange for easy access to the entrance of the northern train station across the bus bay. Option B will place the entrance of the southern station towards the main street, creating a mixed-use corridor and a primary pedestrian route.

Eglington station will be located towards the south of Pipidinny Road, east of Marimon Avenue and west of Wanneroo Road. It will feature public facilities, a passenger drop-off area, 400 parking bays and a bus interchange with four layover bays.

Butler station will be modified to allow for the movement of trains from north to south on the Joondalup line. Platforms at the station will be extended to accommodate new and existing trains.

The new stations to be built under the extension will feature vending machines, passenger ticketing/information systems, clear sightlines, lighting, and CCTV systems.

Yanchep Rail Extension benefits

This extension will provide additional sustainable travelling options to the 150,000 residents of Yanchep and Two Rocks. It will help alleviate urban congestion, reduce travel time and increase the frequency of buses in the area.

It will also stimulate the development of activity centres by creating employment opportunities in Alkimos secondary centre, Yanchep Strategic Metropolitan Centre and Eglinton district centre. The expansion project will support the long-term expansion of commuter rail and bus network in Perth.

Contractors involved

The NEWest Alliance, comprising of CPB Contractors and Downer, was selected as the preferred contractor for the Yanchep Rail Extension in November 2019.