The Angermunde-Szczecin railway line will be electrified to enable a maximum operating speed of 160km/h. Credit: VectorVision/Deutsche Bahn AG.
Construction of the first phase of the Angermunde-Szczecin railway line expansion started in November 2021. Credit: Deutsche Bahn AG/Volker Emersleben.
The Angermunde-Szczecin railway line upgrade is expected to be commissioned by 2026. Credit: Deutsche Bahn AG/Volker Emersleben.
The upgrade project will reduce the travel time between Berlin and Szczecin to 90 minutes. Credit: Deutsche Bahn AG/Volker Emersleben.

The 49km Angermunde-Szczecin railway line is being upgraded by railway company Deutsche Bahn to increase the line speed from 120km/h to 160km/h.

The project includes an upgrade of the railway line in two sections. Construction on the first section commenced in November 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

The second section construction is expected to begin in 2024 and be completed by 2026.

The upgraded railway line will help improve traffic between Scandinavia and Central/Western Europe and between Germany and Poland and connect the corridors of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

The upgrade will shorten travel time, enable more trains to operate on the route and support climate-friendly mobility. It will reduce travel time between the metropolitan cities of Berlin, Germany, and Szczecin, Poland, by 20 minutes to 90 minutes.

Location of the Angermunde-Szczecin railway line

The Angermunde-Szczecin railway line is part of the Berlin-Szczecin railway line, which operates between the two European metropolitan areas of Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany and Szczecin. It runs between Angermunde near the Germany/Poland border towards Szczecin.

Angermunde-Szczecin railway line upgrade details

The Angermunde-Szczecin railway line upgrade will double track and electrify the entire section. The building permit for the project was granted in June 2021.

The project features two sections, including the 19km Angermuende to Passow section and the 30km Passow to Tantow-D/PL border section.

The section between Angermunde and Passow, which was previously single-track, is being upgraded to two tracks.

In addition, the overhead line on the section and four railroad overpasses will be upgraded. An overpass in the section will be replaced with a new structure while an electronic interlocking outdoor unit near Schoenermark, as well as noise barriers in the Angermuende station area will also be developed.

The Passow to German-Polish-border section is currently in the planning stage. Upgrade works on the section include the construction of a new overhead line and the replacement of two railroad overpasses with new structures. In addition, noise barriers in the local area of Casekow, Petershagen and Tantow will be installed.

The project includes upgrades to five stations, including the Passow, Casekow and Tantow stations, as well as the Schoenow and Petershagen stops. Building information modelling (BIM) is being used to design the changes to the stations.

The sections will be equipped with a Level 2 European Train Control System (ETCS) to make the railway line safe and reliable. The permanent way, underground cable installations, and control-command and signalling on both sections will also be upgraded.

Long passing tracks spanning 740m will be constructed on both sections.

Track electrification details of the Angermunde-Szczecin line

A new converter station is being developed near Angermunde to supply traction current to the entire route. The system will receive electricity from local energy supplier edis’ 110kV network. The voltage will be stepped down to 15kV for the traction power supply.

The converter station is expected to commence operations in May 2025.

Funding for the Angermunde-Szczecin railway line

The Angermunde-Szczecin rail line project is being funded by the federal government, the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, and Deutsche Bahn.

The federal government is contributing €380m ($454m), while the states of Berlin and Brandenburg are providing €50m each.

Deutsche Bahn is contributing €19m to the project.

Contractors involved

The contract for the construction of the Angermunde-Szczecin railway line upgrade was awarded to DB Bahnbau Gruppe, a railway infrastructure company that is part of Deutsche Bahn; and KONIGBAU, a construction company.

Thales is supplying control and safety products for the project, including electronic signal boxes.

Gardening and landscaping company ST GrunBau was contracted to undertake landscape conservation measures for the first section of the project.