Alstom's Coradia Stream is designed for regional and intercity services. Credit: Alstom Advanced Design & Styling.
The Coradia Stream is a high-performance, low-floor, electric multiple unit (EMU). Credit: Alstom Advanced Design & Styling.
The Coradia Stream trains can run at a maximum speed of 200km/h. Credit: Alstom Design & Styling.

Alstom’s Coradia Stream is a high-performance, low-floor electric multiple unit (EMU), developed for the European market.

Unveiled in 2017, the EMU represents the latest generation of the Coradia regional train family. The trains are specifically designed for regional and intercity services.

The Coradia Stream trains have been ordered by operators in Germany, Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

The model was developed through close collaboration with Alstom’s facilities in multiple countries including France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Poland.

Design and features of Coradia Stream trains

The Coradia Stream train features a modular design that allows operators to select the configuration as per their requirements. It can operate on non-electrified lines using emission-free traction systems.

The trains can be designed with variable seating configurations, expandable bicycle compartments, or spacious multi-purpose sections.

The single-deck, bi-directional 3kV electric trainset is energy efficient, and features a propulsion system that includes four traction motors.

The Alstom Coradia Stream trains can operate at a maximum speed of 200km/h. With an access height of 600mm, the trains provide barrier-free access to passengers.

Alstom Coradia Stream interiors

The Coradia Stream features modular interiors, which can be modified to meet the requirements of different seasons. The trains can be customised to house bike racks, food and beverage dispensers, multimedia spaces, and work or relaxation zones.

The interior and seating configurations can be customised to create additional seats for longer journeys, or optimise the standing room for shorter journeys.

The vehicles feature wide windows that allow for increased light, space, and comfort. Furthermore, onboard services such as infotainment, audio, and video enhance the experience of passengers. Video surveillance facilities are installed in the train to provide increased safety.

The trains also feature a real-time passenger information system, WiFi, power sockets, and LED lighting.

Coradia Stream variants

The four-car version, which has 420 seats, comprises two double-deck control cars, and two single-deck middle cars. The five-car configuration includes an additional double-deck middle vehicle, and can accommodate 540 seats.

The capacity can be increased to 960 seats when the four and five-car carriages are arranged in a double traction combination.

The middle cars of the double-deck vehicles provide ramp-free access for passengers with reduced mobility.

The Coradia high-capacity version combines single and double-deck coaches to provide optimum accessibility, capacity, and flexibility. It provides up to 15% more space when compared to the existing vehicles serving the Main-Weser Express route.

Contractors involved

Teleste, a technology company based in Finland, was selected to provide an onboard solution including passenger information systems, video surveillance, intercommunication, and public address systems. It will also provide full-colour RGB LED information displays.

The entire onboard solution will be deployed aboard 31 Alstom Coradia Stream trains, ordered by FERROVIENORD.

Dassault Systèmes received a contract to provide the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual product configurator platform, to Alstom, to accelerate the delivery of the trains to Trenitalia. The platform provides Trenitalia with real-time visualisation of digital variants of full-fledged trains, before they are built.

Orders and deliveries

Alstom received the first order for the Coradia Stream from Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), a Dutch passenger railway operator, in July 2016. NS ordered 79 vehicles in five-car and eight-car configurations, designated Intercity Next Generation (ICNG), to operate on the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Breda line, and the Den Haag-Eindhoven corridor.

The contract also covers the supply of two additional eight-car configurations for operation between Amsterdam and Brussels. NS placed another order for an extra 18 trains to support the intercity services between Amsterdam and Brussels, in August 2019.

Italian railway operator Trenitalia signed a framework agreement with Alstom for the supply of 150 Alstom Coradia Stream trains, in August 2016. The first firm order for 47 vehicles was placed by the Emilia Romagna region, in 2016.

Trenitalia ordered an additional 54 Coradia Stream regional trains, designated Pop, for the Italian regions of Abruzzo (four trains), Marche (four trains), Liguria (15 trains), and Veneto (31 trains), in March 2018. The order is part of the framework agreement signed in 2016.

Alstom signed a framework contract to supply 150 Coradia Stream regional trains to Trenitalia for approximately €910m ($1.07bn), in August 2021.

The contractual scope also includes maintenance services for the regional trains.

Alstom was awarded a contract to supply 17 modern high-capacity Coradia Stream EMUs, comprising 13 four-car trainsets and four five-car trainsets, to Deutsche Bahn’s subsidiary DB Regio, in January 2022. The trains will run on the Main-Weser network between Frankfurt, Giessen, Marburg, and Kassel, in Germany.

Danish State Railways (DSB) ordered 100 Coradia Stream regional trains, designated Fremtidens Tog- Nye Tog, for €1.4bn ($1.7bn), under a framework agreement worth €2.6bn ($3.14bn), in June 2021. The order includes full-service maintenance for 15 years. The framework agreement also includes an additional 15-year maintenance, and the option to purchase additional trainsets.

The delivery of the new trains is set to commence in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2024. The new regional train fleet will connect Denmark’s Frederikshavn region, in the north, to Rødby in the southeast, via Copenhagen.

The first contract worth €194m ($214m) with FNM for the supply of 31 regional trains, for the Lombardy Region, was signed in November 2019, under a framework agreement.

Another contract worth €125m ($150m) was awarded by FERROVIENORD, part of the FNM Group, for the delivery of 20 Coradia Stream regional trains for the region of Lombardy, in April 2021. Named Donizetti, the trains will be delivered from June 2023.

Alstom was contracted to deliver 34 Alstom Coradia Stream high-capacity double-decker EMUs to the Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen (LNVG) in Germany, for €760m ($903m), in March 2021.

The order includes a total of 154 vehicle units, comprising 68 driving trailers and 86 middle coaches. The contractual scope also covers vehicle maintenance for 30 years.

The trains will enter operation on the Expresskreuz Bremen/Niedersachsen (EBN) network in December 2024, connecting Bremen, Hanover, Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven, Norddeich-Mole, Osnabrück, and Bremerhaven.