US-based company Wabtec has introduced its new BlueFilter® air-filtration technology, which is expected to provide a clean and healthy environment on metro and trains.

The TÜV-tested filter offers fresh and clean air on the metro and railcars by eliminating more than 90% of the contaminants during each air cycle.

Wabtec Transit Business president Lilian Leroux said: “Transit authorities around the world face a tremendous challenge as the pandemic dissipates and life begins to return to normal.

“They are looking for solutions that enhance safety, improve the air quality and reassure their passengers of a clean environment in the railcars.

“The BlueFilter provides transit operators that confidence by dramatically reducing contaminants in the railcars compared to today’s standard filters.”

The design of the filter is said to remove contaminants that are .01 to 1,000 micrometres in sizes such as allergens, bacteria, various dust and viruses.

Standard filters used can only remove contaminants between 10 to 1,000 micrometres in size.

Leroux added: “This feature enables operators to immediately improve the air quality for their passengers and employees.

“BlueFilter is designed for the easy installation and application on current HVAC systems, which minimises the time needed to add this important safety innovation to an operator’s fleet.”

TÜV North Group and another independent lab have tested the BlueFilter and the company collaborated with transit operators to test the product on the field.

The data from the test showed that the BlueFilter offers a healthy and safe environment to transit operators for their fleets while not affecting the HVAC performance.

In February 2019, Wabtec completed its $11bn merger deal with GE Transportation to become a major player in rail equipment, transportation and associated services.