Australia’s Victorian Government has announced the commencement of construction works on Greensborough and Montmorency stations.

Works have also begun on laying and connecting 3.5km of track and signalling along the Hurstbridge Line as part of the Hurstbridge Line Duplication.

The six-week-long project will employ more than 1,000 workers to complete the task, with the new stations set to open by the end of next month.

Victoria‘s Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said: “We’re getting on with delivering our election commitment of building these new stations and duplicating the Hurstbridge line to provide more capacity for passengers during peak.

“These upgrades will create more efficient train pathways on what is already a bottleneck in Melbourne’s north-east.”

Greensborough and Montmorency stations will offer safer connections and better weather protection and access.

The state government also plans to upgrade Platform 2 at Diamond Creek Station, as well as build a new signalised pedestrian crossing behind Diamond Valley College during the construction.

In another development, Australia’s Assistant Minister for Manufacturing and Trade Tim Ayres unveiled a new report, which supports a nationally coordinated approach for rail procurement to support the growth of the country’s rail sector.

The report estimates that A$1.85bn could have been saved in the past ten years if better-harmonised rail passenger rolling stock policies were in place.

Ayres said: “We know the different approaches by the states and territories to rail procurement and manufacturing leads to capabilities being duplicated. This pushes up costs, exacerbates skills shortages, and constrains investment.

“By working together to build and maintain modern passenger trains, Australia can reduce procurement costs while boosting manufacturing capability and creating high-skilled jobs in regional and outer suburban Australia.”