HS2 has released detailed design proposals for the high-speed railway between the Midlands and the north of England.

Two public consultations on the Phase 2b route will serve communities between the West Midlands, Manchester, and Leeds.

The company noted that this route will have significant benefits for jobs and business growth.

HS2 launched a ten-week public consultation on its plans to extend the railway north, and has invited communities to formally respond to its designs and proposed mitigation measures for the Phase 2b route.

The consultations will close on 21 December. During this period, HS2 invited public responses on draft its environmental statement, which focuses on the design of the railway and reports on the impacts of its construction and operation, as well as measures to reduce and monitor these impacts.

“High-speed rail will play a crucial role in re-balancing Britain’s economy.”

HS2 will also welcome public response on the working draft equality impact assessment report, which will focus on potential effects of the construction and operation people living nearby.

HS2 consultation and engagement head Leonie Dubois said: “HS2 is coming to the north and it will reap significant benefits as a result. High-speed rail will play a crucial role in re-balancing Britain’s economy; driving business growth, stimulating investment and creating jobs right across the country.

“Through the public consultations, we are providing a more detailed account of how we propose to build the railway and minimise its impacts during construction and operation.”

During public consultations, teams from HS2 will visit locations across the eastern and western legs of the Phase 2b route to discuss the design plans and explain the benefits of the new high-speed railway.