Thales has delivered a signalling system to Spanish state-owned railway infrastructure manager, Adif, for the Humanes-Monfragüe railway section.

The Humanes-Monfragüe section forms part of the Madrid-Valencia de Alcántara conventional gauge line.

The delivery forms part of the contact awarded in 2016 to the Thales and Siemens consortium to upgrade the signalling installations, train protection systems and centralised traffic control for the Humanes-Monfragüe section.

Thales said the signalling works with train protection and centralised traffic control (CTC) systems have now been completed and handed over to Adif.

The new facilities are expected to increase the safety of infrastructure on the nearly 230km section of the Spanish rail line.

The scope of work involved the installation of new electronic interlockings as well as the extension, adaptation and modification of two technology interlockings, which are designed by Thales.

The new stations have been equipped with signalling and train protection equipment. These include safe train detection systems, LED signals, electric switch actuators and Automatic Signal and Braking Announcement (ASFA).

Furthermore, the existing telephone blocking system has been replaced with the Single Track Automatic Release Blocking System (BLAU) with Centralised Traffic Control (CTC).

The replacement, which complies with Adif’s Telephone Blocking Suppression Plan, is expected to improve safety of traffic on the section.

It also allows traffic management centrally from the Centralised Traffic Control Centres (CTC) of Chamartín (Madrid), Manzanares (Ciudad Real) and Santa Justa (Seville), Thales noted.