Transport for London (TfL) in the UK is set to open the new Elizabeth line station at Bond Street on 24 October 2022.

Serving as a new link to one of the busiest shopping districts in Europe, the new station will help enhance travel across London and the South East.

The station, which will be a gateway to the West End, has two new entrances at Davies Street near Oxford Street and Hanover Square near Regent Street.

TfL is currently carrying out the final week of trial operations, including practice evacuations, testing fire control systems and alarms, and extensive security checks.

Besides, it is involved in unveiling the signage and wayfinding to direct customers. Works will also cover a final deep clean of the station.

With two lifts to street level, the new station is step free from street to train. It can accommodate around 140,000 Elizabeth line passenger journeys daily.

The new station will enable passengers travelling from Reading and Heathrow to travel east to Abbey Wood without changing at Paddington.

It will also help customers travelling from Shenfield to travel west to Paddington without changing at Liverpool Street.

In a statement, the transport deputy mayor Seb Dance said: “It is exciting that in less than a week’s time the Bond Street Elizabeth line station will open.

“The Elizabeth line is helping to build a better London – one which is safer, fairer, greener, and more prosperous city for all Londoners.”